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Beard Transplantation Restores Your Youthfulness

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Hair loss is a problem affecting many people in society. The loss of hair pattern is common in men more than women. By the age of 50, about half of the men experience the problem, compared to one-quarter of women. Beard transplantation is a remedy for men who suffer hair loss on their faces.

The Role of Beard Transplant

Hair loss has various causes, including ageing, disease, and genetics. Nutrient deficiency can also lead to the problem. Zinc, iron, and proteins are fundamental nutrients the body needs for hair growth. Vitamins A, D, E, C, and B also determine the growth of healthy hair. Since most vitamins are water-soluble, they get washed out of the body quickly, and you need a consistent daily supply.

While medical attention – diagnosis and treatment – may be necessary to stop hair loss, it is hard to reverse the condition, especially when the hair follicles are damaged. Beard transplantation solves the problem by refilling the gaps where beards shed off or do not grow consistently. The method works by transplanting the follicles from other parts of the body where hair growth is high and not essential.

Who Needs Beard Transplantation?

We already saw that there are various causes of hair loss. Therefore, people from all age brackets, races, and both genders can have the problem. After diagnosis, the doctor can recommend significant steps to take, including hair transplant.

Ideally, you should consider the option when you are between 23 and 65 years. That is the age bracket when the hair loss patterns are consistent, and the follicles are healthy enough to transplant. You will, however, need to consult your dermatologist about the intention to avoid any skin complexions.

Final Note

You should not shy off if you have a problem with the appearance of the beard on your face. Beard loss is one of the problems that men encounter as they grow. Transplantation of the beard is one of the remedies you can use to restore your looks, especially when other medial solutions do not apply to your case.