Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul Review

Hair transplants are expensive, and are a procedure most medical insurances don’t cover but at Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul a hair transplant in Istanbul can be done within 3 days, fully covered. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how.

Cosmeticium hair transplant reviews provides 100% patient care and aftercare.

Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul Review Summary

Booking process


The booking process is straight forward and quick and easy on the Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul website. An online contact form is made available, this form lists the types of surgeries offered in detail so you can get a consultation quote when they respond. At Cosmeticium Turkey there are no deposits required beforehand but once you arrive at the clinic a deposit is needed to be paid. The site does not list any price lists compared to other clinics based in Turkey.

The consultation, however, is free and once your procedure has been finalised, you then book your flight to Istanbul yourself, this ensures that you get to pick dates that works best for you. Once that has been done, you then forward your ticket information to the clinic via email. This secures your appointment and makes sure that someone is available and waiting for you once you arrive in Turkey.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The Cosmeticium clinic website provides little information on pre-operational consultation as they only do consultations once you arrive at the clinic. The website also lists a lot of FAQs under each individual type of hair transplantation which assists in understanding each procedure and asks of the patient to bring along comfortable clothing.

All travel arrangements are arranged by the patient themselves and only once you have booked your flight do you make contact with the clinic, however the website does mention that Comesticium covers 100% travel insurance and this includes rescheduling appointments at no extra costs. They also provide other activities that you can add to your itinerary while in Turkey with no additional charges. Unfortuantely, like many clinics they don’t offer pre-op kits and supplements.

Arrival & Accommodation


Cosmeticium plans for your arrival in advance, assigning a staff member to meet and welcome you at the airport. Keeping in touch with your schedule plans and flight times.

Included in the package is transportation as well. A driver meets you at the airport and ensures that you meet all your appointments at the clinic. The driver is available to pick you up at your hotel and take you back afterwards. A tour is also included in the package.

The clinic is locally based in Turkey and the hotel is a western styled hotel and is rated 5 stars just as the clinic and the private hospital they are partnered with. Costs are all inclusive with their 100% travel cover costs to make sure that you have the best stay while in Turkey.



The clinic is rated 5-Star-Treatment-Quality and Best Customer service and was rated this by many international platforms. Cosmeticium is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Health in Turkey. In case of an emergency, they work with hospitals that are certified by the International medical associations. The hospitals are private and offer a modern full-service to ensure top results with every transplantation.

The facility offers full insurance mainly because each client has different reactions to procedures and treatments. For this reason, they offer full medical cover travel insurance to cover the treatment. Comparing the costs to other clinics in the country, they offer affordable prices when compared to European countries as the facility is supported by the Turkish Government.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


The hair transplant surgeons consist of Dr. Kurtoğlu , Dr. Armağan and Dr. Carilli who ensures the procedures and the treatments are suited to each patient. They are all highly skilled, well educated and experts within the field of cosmetics. Modern equipment is used and they operate in a state of the art facilities.



Ther is no aftercare treatment packages included at Cosmeticium. Although the next day after the surgery bandages are removed and your hair is washed as well. The doctors explain what is needed to take care of the transplant until fully healed. The clinic only do a follow up call to check up on you but any costs for special treatments or products would have to be paid for by the patient themselves. These can prove expensive at around 100-200 euros per month.

Conclusion - We rate Cosmeticium Turkey 3 out of 5

By reviewing this website, we can see that Cosmeticium is a good clinic to consider for a hair transplantation or any other cosmetic surgery they offer. They offer affordable prices.

However inviting a 3 day transplant procedure can be, Cosmeticium should really invest in having a 3 night stay. The clinic only offering a 2 night stay in their package means that you will be travelling home too early, in our opinion. They could also provide the essential products that are needed for taking care of the head and hair. Admittedly, these extras will add to the all-inclusive price they offer.

Overall Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul provides some of the best doctors that Turkey has to offer and continues to employ staff that are dedicated to their patients as well as patient care. They provide the best accommodation and are very safety conscious by keeping track of their patients movements and whereabouts even before they enter the country.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Cosmeticium hair transplants at Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul done by Dr. Kurtoğlu?

The lead hair surgeon at Cosmeticium Clinic is Dr. Kurtoğlu who is a specialist in hair transplantation surgeries. He graduated from the Istanbul University which has one of the top medical faculties. He first started out as a MD working in public hospitals in their emergency care units and worked as a general practitioner. After this he joined the Medical Aesthetic and mesotherapy certificate programme and is now a specialist in hair transplantation, PRP and mesotherapy. He has performed 1 800 surgeries in his 5 years as a hair transplant surgeon.

Also on the team are Dr. Armağan and Dr. Carili both also surgeon experts in Hair Transplantation with FUE and DHI Beard Transplantation, Beard and Chest Extraction. Dr. Carili has just joined so he is a new member on the team but what counts in his favor is that he is a hair transplant patient himself. This makes him a right fit as he has experienced the surgeries on both ends and is proof that the surgeries are successful.

Before and After Pictures

Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul Results And Before and After Pictures

The before pictures are part of the online contact form attached when you contact the clinic for a free consultation and a quote. Cosmeticium Turkey reviews posts before and after pictures to show the results of the operations. This serves as a catalogue to show new patients who are considering to use Cosmeticium Clinic in Istanbul.


Methods and Treatments

Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Cosmeticium Clinic offers different methods of Hair Transplants such as FUE, DHI, Beard Transplantation, Eye-Brow transplantation and Non-Surgical Treatments. The FUE Hair transplant is a process where they take the individual hair grafts from the back of or the sides of the heads and transplant it to the balding parts of the head.

The procedure involves creating micro holes called canals opened in the area that is bald, the hair is then implanted, this method prevents linear scarring on the head. Other surgeries offered by the Cosmeticium clinic is plastic surgery which covers the whole body, Laser Eye Surgery as well as Dentistry. They say they are the most experienced in Turkey for Beard transplantation.

Costs and Packages

Cosmeticium Clinic Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras as well as Cosmeticium hair transplant cost

At Cosmeticium Clinic, the Cosmeticium hair transplant cost are listed as affordable prices when compared to European countries. They offer a 100% cover for travel costs to insure the patient for any reactions or complications that may arise after the surgery. This covers the treatment and they also offer a free consultation and assessment. Included in their standard package is:

  • Transplant Procedure
  • 2 nights accommmodation
  • VIP Transfers
  • First hair wash

The all-inclusive costs that are paid for by Cosmetic Clinic includes your stay at a 5-star hotel, treatment and use of modern equipment at their clinics. It includes your transportation while in Turkey from the airport to the hotel, clinic and back to the airport again. It even includes a free tour of Istanbul.


Frequently Asked Questions

They have no Facebook account, however, you can call or contact them via Whatsapp +90 530 219 18 51 or fill in an online form and have a consultant get back to you.

Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul works with hospitals that are certified by the International medical associations, they have highly skilled, internationally educated and board certified medical staff.

Yes , Cosmeticium Clinic Istanbul has an A-license and is regulated by the Turkish government. The doctors and nurses are well educated and specialize in hair transplant surgeries.


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