Harmony Clinic Turkey Hair Transplant Review

With its website full of testimonies Harmony Clinic Turkey hair transplant looks like a promising clinic to have a hair transplant in Istanbul. But are all the testimonies just smoke and mirrors?

We uncover the truth in this Harmony Clinic Istanbul reviews

Harmony Clinic Turkey Hair Transplant Review Summary

Booking process


On its site Harmony Clinic Turkey offers a page full of detailed information about their procedures, there are even videos of surgeries and a very interesting documentary about the clinic and its procedures. Unfortunately, if you want to get a Harmony Clinic Turkey hair transplant , you wont be able to find information about the team that works at the clinic, neither will you be able to find a clear price list detailing various procedures and their costs.

Additionally they do not offer free consultations, except if you consider a price estimate a consultation. And while their website is available in English (as well as various other Languages. like Spanish, Arabic and Italian), the way it is written is often confusing, the website itself is pretty poorly made, making it difficult of navigate.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


After finalising the booking process things get a little bit better, you get a clear trip itinerary before trip, as well as the possibility to reschedule your trip for free if anything were to come up. But you may be asking yourself, what extra features are there? Do I get things such as pre-operational consultations.

Well, unfortunately, no you do not, as of 2020 the clinic does not offer pre-operational consultations (which generally are a common practice for most clinics). Nor do they offer a pre-operational kit, or nutrition and supplements advice. But you don’t need to worry things do get better in other categories.

Arrival & Accommodation


When you arrive at Harmony Clinic you will have at your disposal an English speaking driver as well as a English speaking coordinator, making communication easy.

In addition to all of that you will be able to chose between different types of accommodation, Firstly, you have the Hilton Garden Inn, a Western style five star hotel with all the extras, located just off the Golden Horn. And just 15 kilometers off the airport making it a desirable location.

Or you can chose to be accommodated at the Crowne Plaza, a Turkish brand hotel located in the center of the city, also an excellent choice. And whilst the clinic offers VIP Transfers, they do not offer any 3rd night packages. Nor do they offer blood tests on the day of your arrival.



Harmony Clinic operates in a pretty small building, and It being a clinic mean that It will be lacking in some places. And while the results it provides are more important than all the extras you can’t help but feel uneasy when knowing that if something goes wrong you would need to go to a hospital.

Additionally them not having extras such as ergonomic chairs and beds to rest at really makes you wonder what you are paying for. Also, it’s unclear if they provide lunch during what can be a lengthy procedure. However, they do have laser measured hairline and density measurement and they do have donor area selection tools to give a natural result.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Harmony Clinic doctors are highly praised, but you will have to pay extra if you want a particular one to be a part of the operation team. We are generally not aware of nurses being part of the operation team. But fortunately there will be an English speaker part of the team.



Concerning aftercare Harmony Clinic provides very little. They do not have any standard post treatment packages, nor do they provide different financing options. However, they do provide at the very least 2 post operation consultations to make sure that the operation is successful. And they will answer any questions that you might have after the operation. They do not provide a guarantee which is a disappointment and there are no aftercare products offered to help you achieve an optimal result.

Conclusion - We rate Harmony Clinic 1.67 out of 5

Harmony Clinic does exactly what it says it does, hair transplant. They may not be up to the industry standard, but based on all of the testimonies they do get results.

When going to Harmony Clinic you are offered a choice between two very prestigious hotels which are sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers. But beyond that we find that they are lacking in all places. We can start anywhere but lets start with what they lack the most.

Harmony Clinic literally does not offer any meaningful aftercare. The other main issue being the facility itself which is also a letdown with very few assurances and accreditations. While it does get the job done if you are hoping to feel comfortable during the operation, you will be sorely disappointed with not even lunch provided.

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Hair Transplant Team

Harmony Clinic hair transplant are done by qualified Harmony Clinic doctors

When you are visiting Harmony Clinic you will have the option to choose between the different Harmony Clinic doctors. While on their site there is a page called “Doctor and Medical team” but when you click on it there are no names mentioned. You are not able to get acquainted with the medical team but are instead greeted with a page going into how they operate during the procedure and whidh different techniques they use.

The Doctors and Medical team page mainly talks about how the Clinic chooses its staff guaranteeing you that all of their staff is chosen based on their “intelligence, professionalism and dedication to the highest level of patient care.” While it is an interesting read this section does not do what it is intended to do. And that is to familiarise patients with the professional team in whose care they will be during their stay at Harmony clinic.

Before and After Pictures

Harmony Clinic Hair Transplant Results And Before and After Pictures

In this review we aim to give a clear picture of what the target clinics look like, inside and out. There is no better way for us to help you choose a clinic than by showing you the results they provide to their patients. After everything you’ve read about in this Harmony clinic Istanbul reviews, their results are important. But you still need to know you are in safe hands.


Methods and Treatments

Harmony Clinic Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Harmony Clinic offers follicular unit extraction as their hair transplant method. And they stand by it all they way as we mentioned they wrote a convincing piece on why other clinics stick to more traditional method rather than exploring alternate hair transplant procedures. You can read it in their “Doctors and Medical team” section. However, this is not strictly true, as most clinics use the FUE method, too.

In the clinic, they offer a surgical method of hair transplant with the use of specialised equipment of the latest generation which redistributes hair follicles from areas not affected by baldness to donor areas where there is hair loss. Harmony Clinic seem to be certain that this method is the best method, making them sound convincing. It would have been nice to see other methods such as DHI, though, which is a newer technique.

Costs and Packages

Harmony Clinic Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Harmony Clinic Turkey do not have a page where you can see all of their prices listed, instead the way they work is that, you have to contact them via Whatsapp. After that you will have to send them a few photos from varying angles and then they will be able to give you a price estimate. The package includes:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE
  • VIP Transfers
  • English-speaking driver/coordinator
  • 5 star Western standard hotel included, Turkish brand hotel

Although they offer only one package, this service comes with all of the extras that we mentioned previously, you get to chose where you stay, be it in the Western style hotel by Istanbul’s Golden Horn. Or close to all the shopping centers in the center of the city in the Turkish brand hotel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no Harmony Clinic Turkey do not have a Facebook page. Nor do they have any other social media account, you can only contact them via WhatsApp or their email.

As their name might suggest Harmony Clinic is a Clinic, they operate in a pretty small building, the main purpose of their building is hair transplant operations,

As of currently Harmony Clinic Turkey have not been provided a A-License. But if you want to reassure yourself you can take a look at the interviews with patients on their site.


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