Medeks Hair Center Review

What do you look for when deciding where to have a procedure to regain a healthy scalp and hair? We take a look at Medeks Hair Center, one of the clinics that provide hair transplant in Istanbul extensively.

Read our Medeks Hair Center Hair review of each item.

Medeks Hair Center Review Summary

Booking process


Medeks Hair Center website offers a form to book a free hair loss consultation. This provides a way for you to explain your hair issue and identify the kind of procedure that suits you best. The website is in English so it makes communication easy. However, the website offers very vague information on procedures, the team carrying out the procedures and there’s also no pricing information available. Medeks Hair Center website provides details on the kind of procedures they tackle but without detailed pricing information, it’s difficult to know whether they fit your budget.

Lack of detailed team information on the website might can also prevent a patient from booking the procedure at the clinic. Most people opt to use physicians with a reputation so although they indicate that they have a team of 15 experts, names and accreditations would inspire more confidence in the facility.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The clinic offers very vague details on the trip itinerary. Despite indicating that they offer airport transfers and 2 nights accommodation, you would have to ask for further clarification from them on these services. There’s also no indication on whether they offer a possibility to reschedule booking and the fee involved.

Most reputable facilities offer clear nutritional advice before a procedure but Medeks Hair Center doesn’t give such guidelines on their website. It also makes it very difficult to know what kind of pre-operational consultations are needed. The information available on the website makes it very difficult for one to get information on most pre-operational activities

Arrival & Accommodation


Medeks Hair Center offers an English-speaking coordinator and 2 nights only accommodation for the patient. They also offer VIP transfers, which is a good selling point for the clinic. However, the site doesn’t offer details on the hotel that they accommodate their customers. There’s hardly any information on the kind of facilities that they use for the 2 nights accommodation.

This a fail on the clinic’s side because good accommodation is a good selling point for hair transplant facilities in Turkey. Additionally, the 2 nights only accommodation can mean extra costs for the patient depending on the kind of procedure required. They also don’t carry out blood tests upon arrival.

This means that your surgery could easily be cancelled incase of a blood complication discovered on the operation day. The lack of information on these details coupled up with lack of blood screening before the operation day puts Medeks Hair Center at a disadvantage compared to other facilities offering the same services in Istanbul.



Medeks Hair Center also fails to persuade potential customers on the facility sphere. The website doesn’t provide thorough information on the kind of accommodation and extras such as lunch during a lengthy operation. Patients want to know about the kind of bed, food, chairs and entertainment they will get during the procedure, so it’s a shame this isn’t mentioned.

The clinic also lacks information on accreditations and hospital endorsements on the site. Again, lack of such essential information fails to inspire confidence in the facility. We can’t give them a score higher than 0 in this sector due to these omissions. When procuring a medical procedure from a foreign country licenses are an import factor of consideration.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Perhaps, the lack of information on the medical team carrying out the procedure is the most outrageous mistake on the site. Besides the mention of a expert team of 15, there’s no mention of the names and qualifications of the team. Neither the surgeons nor the nurses providing aftercare are mention on the website.



Medeks Hair Center offers an aftercare package but it comes at an extra cost. Unfortunately, they still don’t indicate the price details on the site. Unlike other facilities in the same market they don’t offer any guarantees of 90% hair growth after the procedures. The site also doesn’t offer details on the finance options despite clear indications of several extra costs involved. There’s also no mention of a minimum of 3 post-op consultations as is the norm with similar facilities.

Conclusion - We rate Medeks Hair Center 0.83 out of 5

Medeks Hair Center scores 0.83 out of 5 because it fails to offer impressive information on their services in all the above aspects. Having an English website and an English-speaking coordinator gives them a few points because it makes communication easy. Offering VIP transfers is also a good selling point for the clinic.

Medeks Hair Center also gives a brief explanation of the procedure on the operation day. However, it fails in almost every other sector. While they offer free hair loss consultation, the information on the booking and pre-operation procedure is so vague that one might not go past the free consultation.

Medeks Hair Center possibly offers good services however, without detailed information on the website it’s very difficult to obtain this information. Being in a foreign country means that most potential customers form an opinion based on the website and reviews. The clinic has a vaguely detailed website and it has no reviews from previous customers making it hard to trust.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are hair transplants at Medeks Hair Center done by qualified doctors?

Medeks Hair Center unfortunately does not give information on their hair transplant team at the clinic. The clinic neither mentions the lead doctor nor his/her background. The site vaguely mentions that the team has 15 members but there are no details on the team. The lack of this information reflects negatively on the hair transplant clinic because it breeds doubts on the qualifications of the hair transplant team at the facility. One needs to conduct further research to find any details on the team.

The clinic does not give information on any kind of background on the medical team. Unlike other clinics in the aesthetics industry which use the medical teams’ credentials and accomplishments to market the facilities as well as inspire trust from the patients, Medeks fails to give this information. Perhaps the clinic has a trustworthy hair transplant team that has ensured that they remain in business for over 12 years but without proper display of this information we are left to speculate.

Before and After Pictures

Medeks Hair Center Results And Before and After Pictures

Medeks Hair Center takes picture before the operation on the day of the procedure as well as the after pictures of the hair transplant result. The pictures are available on the clinic’s website under hair transplant stages. The ratings of the pictures are however not available on platforms like Trustpilot.


Methods and Treatments

Medeks Hair Center Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Medeks Hair Center uses the FUE method. The Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally intrusive method which involves the individual follicular graft separation from the donor area and then the grafts are transplanted to the balding areas. The method uses local anesthesia so it’s painless. It uses special tools, leaving minimal scars and one can resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.

The clinic also uses plasma therapy method. This methods offers a more natural look after the procedure. Using a fine needle, the doctor injects platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. The blood cells have growth factors which stimulate natural growth. This method revitalizes the scalp back to its health. The procedure is suitable for both men and women’s hair restoration.

Costs and Packages

Medeks Hair Center Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Medeks Hair Center does not give a detailed price list on the website. It vaguely mentions the packages they offer which include airport transfers, 2 days accommodation and the operation procedure. The aftercare package is part of the extras and comes at additional cost. However, the actual price of the extras are also not detailed on the site.

  • YES: Airport Transfer
  • YES: 2 Days Accommodation
  • NO: Hotel
  • YES: Hair transplant procedure

The information on the all-inclusive package at Medeks clinic is minimal. The information on the website suggests that the package includes 2 nights accommodation, transfers from and to the airport with the option of VIP transfers, and care while undergoing the hair transplant procedure. The payment procedure and options are also not clear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Medeks Hair Center is on Instagram. The clinic uses the social media platform to highlight some of their works. They clearly showcase the before and after pictures of some of their patients.

It’s unclear where Medeks Hair Center performs the surgeries. There’s little information on both the website and the social media pages to provide accurate information on where they operations take place.

The hair transplant clinic has not indicated whether it has an A-license. The website has no mention of the license which makes it difficult to verify this information online.


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