Armamed Clinic Review

A New Perspective On Hair Transplants

A Meticulous Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey

  • Founded: 2004
  • Locations: Ataşehir, Istanbul
  • Hair Transplant Methods: Manual-punch FUE, Micromotor FUE
  • Medical Team: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
  • Medical facilities: Varyap Meridian Grand Tower
  • Certifications: Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Treatments per year: Approximately 320 – 365
  • Prices: Vary based on the graft count to be transplanted and extraction type
  • The maximum number of grafts per treatment: Micromotor FUE; 3,000 – 4,000. Manual Punch FUE; 1,000 – 1,500.
  • Financing: Free consultation
  • All-inclusive packages: Unknown
  • Guarantees: Post-surgery follow-up
  • Accreditation: The surgeon is accredited by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Before procedure support: Pre-surgery consultation
  • After procedure support: Post-operation advice and follow-up
  • Languages: Turkish, English, French, German, Italian
  • Contact: E-mail, Telephone number, contact form
Armamed Clinic Review

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Armamed Clininc Review

Dr Erkan Demirsoy - The Charismatic Hair Transplant Surgeon

Our Armamed clinic review has taken a look at how Armamed Hair Clinic brings a different approach to the hair transplant industry. The clinic provides hair transplant services to over 95% of international patients. We found that their primary hair transplant method is the FUE method.  Interestingly at Armamed they use both the manual punch and micromotor techniques. Their hair transplant prices are dependent on two factors. The extraction type and the graft transplant count. Various reviews noted the prices to be around €1.25 per graft. This is exclusive of extra costs such as accommodation and transportation.

Dr Erkan Demirsoy brings 19 years of experience to Armamed Clinic. Registration with membership bodies reinforces his credentials as a qualified surgeon in the field of hair transplantation. These are the ISHRS and The Turkish Doctors Union. Knowing this should assure any prospective patient of a competent and skilled Dr in charge of their treatment. In support of this our review thought it helpful the Dr’s medical background was displayed on the clinic’s website.

A Hair Transplant Clinic That Sets The Pace

The patient sends photos capturing all the possible angles of their problem areas for an initial assessment. It is Dr Erkan Demirsoy who carries out the analysis and forwards the results abck to you. Armamed Istanbul also educates the patient on the whole hair transplant process. Why? You may ask. This is to understand the expectations of the person undergoing the procedure, and to ensure these expectations are realistic.

Dr Erkan Demirsoy leads by example when it comes to carrying out hair transplants. His emphasis on a meticulous work-plan ensures natural and high-performance results. Our Dr Erkan Demirsoy review found that the surgeon takes up the core duties of the procedure. These include planning hair transplantation, hairline design, graft extraction and channel opening. We also found that Armamed Clinic conducts operations on one patient per day! To increase the number of FUEs, the clinic divides the hair transplant session into two days.

Despite the absence of an all-inclusive package, Armamed Clinic goes out of its way to ensure a comfortable stay for its patients. Our review saw that they make you a hotel reservation after agreeing on a hair transplantation date. They also hire a chauffeur who enables you to move between the airport, hotel and hospital. Since the procedure takes between 6 to 9 hours, you will glad to know you can take breaks during the session. This can include snacking, listening to music or watching TV. When communication proves to be a challenge, there are multi-lingual employees to provide translation services.

FAQs At Armamed Hair Transplant Clinic

Our Armamed clinic review found that Dr Emersoy is actively involved in all aspects of his patients hair transplant procedures. From consultation to the FUE procedure himself.  Operating on one patient a day allows for him to do this. But, it is always wise to confirm this in your consultation.

Minute healing wounds and small redness appear after the hair transplant. They are visible for 7 to 10 days. Thereafter, the redness disappears at a gradual rate. Getting back to normal life starts the following day after the operation. This commences by diligently following all the advice you have been given. How soon you actually feel ready for your day-to-day routine depends on your lifestyle and work. This will all be explained at your post-operative meeting with your consultant. In the meantime don’t swim, shampoo carefully with the prescribed products, avoid alcohol and smoking.

“Will I experience pain during the procedure?” is a question that comes up regularly.  All hair transplant operations aim to offer a smooth pain free procedure where possible. At Armamed, we found that they assess a persons anxiety prior to surgery. Increased anxiety lowers peoples pain threshold.  Relaxation technique are suggested, along with meditation. Medication is sometimes used. The most discomfort you may feel is on administration of the local anaesthetic


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