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If you’re considering a hair transplantation in India it could be a good choice over the US, UK, and parts of Eastern Europe. You may be considering several places and are wondering where you can get the best hair transplant in India.

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Why choose a hair transplantation in India?

If you were to stay in the UK then the cost of hair transplants can be £5000 and upwards depending on the number of grafts you may need. So India can be a low cost option for you to consider instead. There are excellent hair transplant clinics and doctors in several major Indian cities including Delhi and Mumbai. All hair transplant doctors are medical doctors that have then gone onto specialise in hair transplant techniques. Low prices do not mean low quality.

India itself also has a lot to offer and you’ll stay in a top class hotel with five star treatment. Clinics offer packages for a hair transplantation in India and do all the admin work for you. They’ll drop you off at your hotel and come and pick you up.

You may be considering several places and you don’t know which destinations have the best standards, greatest innovations, and best value. You may also want to know more about India.

hair transplant in India VS UK

So before you engage in a mammoth task of trawling the internet , we have put together some basic data as a starting point. If you’d like to know more about a hair transplantation in India , then fill out the form below to get information on the best clinics.

Time difference, travel options and visa requirements

India is only three hours ahead, so you’re not going to suffer from jet lag. However, it is a long flight – a minimum of 8 hours 30 minutes,

Many hair transplant clinics in India are located in Delhi. But there are also clinics in Mumbai. There are two airports in Delhi. Indira Gandhi is the main international airport and the New Delhi airport is the secondary airport.

Mumbai also has two airports but the main one for international flights is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj airport. Despite the differences in flight times, surprisingly flight costs are very similar and are around €600 or £550. These prices are for travelling to Delhi from any of the departures listed. You will need to consider this cost in terms of overall costs for your hair transplantation in India.

You’ll be met by a friendly interpreter, regardless of where you land. Your interpreter will speak excellent English and take you directly to your hotel and give you the lowdown on local information.

Here are the flight times from popular international airports:

  • London – Heathrow – around 8 hours 30 minutes.
  • Ireland – Dublin – stopping at Amsterdam – around 11 hours.
  • Northern Ireland – Belfast stopping at London – around 13 hours.
  • Scotland – Edinburgh stopping at Amsterdam – around 10 hours 30 minutes.
  • East coast US – New York (JFK) stopping at Istanbul – around 19 hours 30 minutes.
  • West coast US – San Francisco California around 16 hours.

Hotels to stay at during your hair transplant in India

Hair transplants in India will include a three-day stay at a upscale hotels. But with a relatively long flight and a cost of around €600 it makes sense to make a holiday of it. Read our clinic reviews to find the no 1 hair transplant clinic in india for you.

Our hair transplant reviews India wouldn’t be complete without some idea of the costs. Prices are so reasonable it’s best to stay clear of Delhi Belly for the sake of a few more euros. Highly recommended are Le Meridien, the Radisson Blu Plaza, Lemon Tree Premier, and the Claridges hotel. All these hotels include first class dining and have indoor and outdoor pools, and five-star fixtures and fittings.

Currency & exchange rates

The currency in India is the Indian rupee. The rupee has remained reasonably steady against major currencies over the last five years. You can get great value for money in India.

Current exchange rates are around £1 to 100 rupees, $1 is around 75 rupees, and €1 is about 90 rupees, as of August 2020.

The cost of living in India is very cheap so getting a hair transplantation in India is also excellent value for money.

Food prices and typical meals

If you stay for a week or two while you have your hair transplantation in Delhi, you’ll find incredible value. Don’t forget to try all the spicy, delicious treats such as Panipuri (bite-sized bread filled with chickpeas, potato, and onion), local kebabs, chutneys, papadams, baingan Ka Bharta (roasted aubergine with spices), Uttapam (Indian pizza), and Thali (a sampler platter of breads, rice, and different dishes). There are dishes you will have tried at home, but make sure you try the authentic versions of favourites such as tandoori Chicken, Rogan Josh, Mutton Biryani, Butter Chicken, Naan, Roti, and Paratha.

Why a hair transplantation in India is a great option

India is fast becoming a hot spot for hair transplant tourism. World class facilities are available in several cities in India. You’ll find that standards of hygiene are excellent, and doctors are well-trained. You’ll find renowned hair transplant surgeons working in India. Any hair transplantation in India is carried out by a full medically trained doctor who has studied extensively in this particular area of cosmetic surgery.

A little research will show that India has a wealth of expertise in hair transplantation, in addition to hygienic and excellent facilities. When it comes to the cost of hair transplants, India also has some of the cheapest list prices for a hair transplant on the globe. Grafts can be around 30 rupees or £0.30 each, which means that you can get 1,500 hair grafts for less than £500. That makes India one of the cheapest places on the planet to get a hair transplant procedure.

Should I choose a Hair Transplantation In India?

What you need to consider if you choose a hair transplant in India is the overall cost. The standard cost of an off-peak flight is going to make up a significant part of your total cost. If you have set aside a certain amount for an annual holiday, and you choose to head to India to have a hair transplant while you are there, then you are only looking at the additional cost of the hair transplant.

However, if you are solely going to make the trip to get a hair transplantation in India and don’t have time for a holiday, the cost and length of the flight is a major factor. Additionally, getting a hair transplantation in India has the added drawback of the cost of flights back to the clinic if you need further treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a hair transplantation in India can be only 30 rupees per graft. That’s just 30 pence!

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You can read the up to date travel advise from the UK government here.

Chances are you will have a travel companion with you while you have a hair transplant in India. It’s entirely up to you and your companion. If you’d like moral support, then your companion is welcome to stay with you for moral support during the procedure.