Hair Transplant Abroad

Considering getting a hair transplant abroad? Let us help you. We have reviewed different countries to make your life a little easier. Compare prices, the quality of medical treatments, ease of travel and anything else that you need to keep in mind when having a hair transplant abroad.

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Are you considering a hair transplant?

Hair is a strange thing for us humans. Some people are not affected and take hair loss in their stride. But for many men, and especially women, hair loss is the stuff of nightmares. It can negatively affect self-esteem, cause depression and seriously affect our day to day lives. You may have looked into a hair transplant but can not realistically afford UK prices, even when loans are available. So is there a solution?

Why get a hair transplant abroad?

We have details of clinics in Lithuania, Poland, and Turkey. You’ll find British Expats in all of these countries, primarily because the cost of living is so cheap. Getting a hair transplant abroad means you can save thousands. It can make an otherwise dream a reality. With package deals starting from as little as £1,100 and financing available, it’s worth checking out a hair transplant abroad in an Eastern European country.

In this 5-minute read we’ll walk you through the available options and give you some more details about different places to get a hair transplant.

Where are the best places for a hair transplant abroad?

Eastern European nations are an excellent choice for a hair transplant abroad. Whether it’s the Polish Zloty, Turkish Lira, or the Euro in Lithuania – you can be assured you are getting real bang for your buck. Great value is not at the expense of professionalism, hygiene, or quality. Eastern European nations are leading the way in modern hair transplant techniques such as DHI and robotic DHI.

Hair transplants in Turkey

A hair transplant in Turkey is a top destination choice for many Brits. Turkey has a wealth of experience in hair transplantation. It’s also cheaper than in Poland and Lithuania. Situated on the cusp of Asia and Africa close to Greece, Turkey enjoys excellent hot weather. Temperatures are higher than the Greek Islands often favoured by UK tourists, and the prices are lower. A hair transplant in Turkey is so cheap that you could easily extend your stay to a 7 or 14 day holiday. Find out more about getting a hair transplant in Turkey.

Popular hair transplant destinations in Turkey include Istanbul and Antalya.

Hair transplants in India

India is fast becoming a hot spot for hair transplant tourism. World class facilities are available in several cities in India. You’ll find that standards of hygiene are excellent, and doctors are well-trained. Find out more about getting a hair transplantation in India.

Hair transplants in Mexico

Medical tourism is becoming big business in mexico. It offers international, European, and in particular, US residents a chance to get state-of-the-art medical treatment at a fraction of the price of the US. Find out more about getting a hair transplant in Mexico.

Is it safe to get a hair transplant abroad considering COVID-19?

When planning a trip in 2020, it’s vital to check up-to-date advice on flights abroad, restrictions, and quarantine measures, when you return.

As of September 2020, at the time of writing, UK citizens may travel to Turkey, Lithuania, and Poland without the need to quarantine afterward. There may be testing on arrival in some countries, and you should check as to which measures are in place, such as social distancing and the wearing of masks in public places.

As such, a hair transplant abroad is possible now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our advice is to always check the local situation with your embassy. When it comes to medical safety, always discuss what to look for with one of our experts. Some countries, like Turkey, offer very cheap hair transplants in clinics that are very different from a hospital setting. This is something to watch out for.

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Turkey performs more hair transplants than any other country in the world and is by many considered the best country for hair transplants.