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Considering getting a hair transplant abroad? Let us help you. It’s something that few people may have even thought about, but it’s becoming the most popular way to go about having the hair transplant procedure. Travelling to another country for your transplant isn’t as complicated, or stressful, as it may sound. The cost savings alone often justify the travel, but there are also other perks to having a hair transplant abroad, as we will explain on this page.

We have taken a look at different countries across the world, and what it is like to have a hair transplant surgery there. Our guides are there to make your life a little easier, and you can compare prices and quality using our reviews. We also look into the ease of travel and every important aspect of the entire process.

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Are you considering a hair transplant?

Hair is a strange thing and something that we as humans actually have very little control over. Some people are not affected and take hair loss in their stride. But for many men, and especially women, hair loss is the stuff of nightmares. It can negatively affect self-esteem, cause depression and seriously affect our day to day lives.

You may have looked into a hair transplant but can not really afford UK prices, even when loans are available. So is there a solution? Yes, there is. This is where medical tourism and having your hair transplant procedure abroad comes in. Tackle your hair loss head-on and find the best prices and clinics by travelling to another country. The good news is that all of the same techniques are available in these countries, including the popular follicular unit extraction and other hair restoration methods.

UK Versus Turkey

In this 5-minute read we’ll walk you through the available options and give you some more details about different places to get a hair transplant.

Why get a hair transplant abroad?

The first and most obvious reason for travelling abroad for your hair transplant surgery is the cost savings. We aren’t talking about a few hundred less, we are talking thousands. The hair transplant procedure can cost as much as 75% less in some countries. You may be concerned about what you get for such low prices, but don’t worry, the standard of clinics is just as high as your home country.

We have details of clinics in Lithuania, Poland, and Turkey, all of which are very popular surgery destinations. Each of these places has plenty of British Expats, as the cost of living is much cheaper and the quality of life tends to be better. Do we even need to mention the better weather in some of these places too? Having hair transplantation in Turkey, for example, means warm temperatures if you choose the right time of year. This means that you can get a new hairline, and have a break from home at the same time.

The low prices and thousands saved can make your hair dreams a reality. No longer do you need to settle for balding or thin hair. With package deals starting from as little as £1,100 and financing available, it’s worth checking out a hair transplant abroad in an Eastern European country.

The Logistics to a Hair Transplant Abroad

Saving money and enjoying a trip abroad may sound great, but we’re sure you’re also wondering about the logistics of it all. What do you do when you get there? Where do you go? Don’t worry, this is all taken care of.

The clinics reviewed on our site all have what’s known as all-inclusive packages. This means as well as your hair transplantation, you will also be provided with transfers, hotels and support during your stay. These low prices include the hair transplant procedure and so much more, all that you have to do is simply book your flight and get on it.

Before your treatment is booked, you will have in-depth consultations with your doctor. This is where you will determine the best procedure for you. All of this is done online, so logistically, you don’t need to do anything other than logon to your phone or laptop.

You will need no more than 2-3 days in the destination of your choice, depending on the type of treatment you have and how many grafts. This means that you will need minimal time off work and no real disruption to your daily life. All sounds pretty easy, right? It really is, and we’re going to tell you why.

The Quality of the Doctors

Another common misconception of hair transplant clinics abroad is that the surgeons are of a lower quality than that in the USA and UK. This simply isn’t true. Some of the very best doctors work at these facilities and have the same qualifications that are found elsewhere. In fact, surgeons from countries like Turkey are actually the ones that pioneered some of the most modern hair transplant methods.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is the governing body of hair transplants across the world. Only the highest quality clinics and doctors are accredited by the ISHRS, and there are plenty of these in these facilities in Turkey, India, Mexico and more. So to summarise, you will be visiting top quality hair transplant clinics, with expert doctors, and get your procedure at a fraction of the price of your home country. The results will be just as good, if not better, and the price is the best you will find.

Where are the best places for a hair transplant abroad?

Eastern European nations are an excellent choice for a hair transplant abroad. Whether it’s the Polish Zloty, Turkish Lira, or the Euro in Lithuania – you can be assured you are getting a real bang for your buck. Great value is not at the expense of professionalism, hygiene, or quality.

The doctors and surgeons at these clinics are well-qualified and specialists in cosmetic and plastic surgery. You will discover during your consultation process that these clinics in Eastern European countries are fantastic quality. These nations are also leading the way in modern hair transplant techniques such as DHI and robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Hair Transplants in Turkey

A hair transplant in Turkey is a top destination choice for many Brits, with Istanbul and Antalya topping the charts every year. Turkey has a wealth of experience in hair transplantation. It’s also cheaper than in Poland and Lithuania. Situated on the cusp of Asia and Africa close to Greece, Turkey enjoys excellent hot weather. Temperatures are higher than the Greek Islands often favoured by UK tourists, and the prices are lower. A hair transplant in Turkey is so cheap that you could easily extend your stay to a 7 or 14 day holiday.

We have completed reviews of many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, and have only featured the very best on our website. We take a close look at the doctor, the facilities, the price and the results. Find out more about getting a hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair Transplants in India

Although perhaps not one of the most obvious choices, India is fast becoming a hot spot for hair transplants and medical tourism. World-class facilities are available in several cities in India. You’ll find that standards of hygiene are excellent, and doctors are well-trained. People are flocking in their thousands to visit India for hair transplants, and the results are excellent.

The climate is generally warm too, so similarly to Turkey, you can extend your stay and make the most of your trip. Expect hotels of 5-star quality and a whole load of sightseeing hotspots if you fancy doing some tourism alongside your hair restoration. Find out more about getting hair transplantation in India.

Hair Transplants in Mexico

Medical tourism is becoming a big business in Mexico. It offers international, European, and in particular, US residents a chance to get state-of-the-art medical treatment at a fraction of the price of the US. These very same surgeries can actually cost twice as much in the USA than they do in Mexico.

Patients are impressed with the impressive clinics and even more so with the great hair restoration results at low prices. Although a long way to travel from Europe, Mexico is a great option for USA patients looking to get an affordable hair transplant procedure. Find out more about getting a hair transplant in Mexico.


Is it safe to get a hair transplant abroad considering COVID-19?

One of the biggest questions we have been asked this year is exactly how safe it is to have a hair transplant procedure abroad during Covid-19. Ultimately, the answer to the question depends entirely on your current location, and restrictions in your area. If your country states that any unnecessary travel should be avoided, then you have your answer.

One thing you don’t need to worry about though is the safety within our clinics. Each one has been vetted for Covid-19 procedures and all have safety measures in place to avoid the spread of the virus. All of your consultations are done online beforehand, and so you will only need to actually travel for the day of the hair transplant procedure.

When planning a trip in 2020, it’s vital to check up-to-date advice on flights abroad, restrictions, and quarantine measures, when you return. As of September 2020, at the time of writing, UK citizens may travel to Turkey, Lithuania, and Poland without the need to quarantine afterwards. There may be testing on arrival in some countries, and you should check as to which measures are in place, such as social distancing and the wearing of masks in public places.

As such, a hair transplant abroad is possible now without the need to wait, but be sure to keep up to date with this regularly.

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Our advice is to always check the local situation with your embassy. When it comes to medical safety, always discuss what to look for with one of our experts. Some countries, like Turkey, offer very cheap hair transplants in clinics that are very different from a hospital setting. This is something to watch out for.

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Turkey performs more hair transplants than any other country in the world and is by many considered the best country for hair transplants.