Clinmedica Istanbul Review

Are you searching for a hair transplant in Istanbul? The prices at Clinmedica Istanbul range from €2090 to €3100. This review provides a comprehensive evaluation of the services offered there.

Let’s see if Clinmedica Turkey reviews score highly or not.

Clinmedica Istanbul Review Summary

Booking process


It is very impressive that a convenient and free hair loss consultation is offered by Clinmedica Turkey. Interested clients are able to upload their information and pictures quite easily and can expect to receive feedback before paying for any procedure. This process may be considered tedious by some. However, it will ensure that the team is well acquainted with your wants long before your arrival. Clinmedica Istanbul also provides exhaustive information on the procedures offered and it is relatively easy to find a detailed package and it’s pricing.

Clinmedica Istanbul only falls short in one area which can be easily improved in the future. Team information is lacking. While contact information is provided, there is no information on the medical professionals who work at the institution. Unfortunately, this takes away from the personal touch which is crucial when considering such a sensitive type of procedure.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


Clinmedica receives 2 out of 5 stars for this section. A clear itinerary is provided and clients will know exactly what to expect. However, certain aspects are unclear. For example, consultation is provided before and after the procedure but it is not stated whether patients will receive pre-operational kits or nutritional supplements.

However, they claim to provide ‘all required medicines’ so this may also include supplements. The vagueness may be confusing to potential clients. In addition, there is no information provided about whether or not it is possible for a client to reschedule his or her booking for free. Life can be quite uncertain so some assurance of this would be beneficial to prospective clients.

Arrival & Accommodation


ClinMedica offers its patients a comfortable 3 night stay at a hotel. This length of stay is included in all three packages. Transfers between the hotel and clinic are provided for clients during their stay in Istanbul.

Additionally, a shuttle service is provided at the airport. The team claims to speak the client’s language which is comforting for those who do not speak Turkish. All necessary blood tests are provided, however, it is not stated whether the tests are done as soon as clients arrive in Istanbul.

Clinmedica Istanbul scored a relatively high 4 out of 5 in this category as most important aspects of accommodation seem to be organised. Nevertheless, more information can be provided on the distance between the airport, hotel and clinic. More information must be given to ensure that paying clients feel comfortable and secure about their decision.



In addition to a stay at a five-star hotel, ClinMedica offers a comfortable facility. They claim to have highly experienced hair transplant and plastic surgery doctors, and are regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. This provides clients with the assurance that their medical practitioners are held accountable for all the procedures they perform.

ClinMedica has a relationship with several contract-agreement hospitals where clients will receive treatment. Therefore, clients can rest assured that they will have their surgeries performed by only the best, and most highly qualified individuals. Thus, their procedures are hospital endorsed. Finally, laser measured hairline, density measurement and donor area selection tools are also used.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


ClinMedica boasts some of the most experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey. These medical professionals are able to communicate in English. Patients will also receive needle-free anaesthesia which decreases the pain by seventy percent. It’s also good to see that there is a full team of nursing staff to assist the procedure.



ClinMedica does not provide any information on whether or not standard post treatment plasma therapy is included. There is also no evidence that there are any available financing options. Post-operational consultations are also not part of the package, so it is assumed that clients will have to arrange this themselves and pay for this separately. After-care products are not provided either. A client’s only assurance is that there is a 90% chance of hair growth after the procedure.

Conclusion - We rate Clinmedica Turkey 3 out of 5

The packages at ClinMedica are more affordable than others. Potential clients are able to receive free hair loss consultation before their arrival in Turkey. Adequate accommodation and transportation are provided in a comfortable, English speaking environment.

Although ClinMedica seems to be very client oriented, information on team members is lacking. While it is comforting to know that certified medical professionals will be involved in the surgical procedures, specific information needs to be given to ensure that clients feel completely secure about their decision. Knowing a doctor’s background and experiencce is key.

In addition to the sparse information on the doctors performing the surgeries, there seems to be little or no after-care package offered by ClinMedica. Post-operational consultations are not part of the package and products are not provided to clients after the procedure has been completed. This is unfortunate as clients will still require support after they have left.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are hair transplants at Clinmedica Clinic performed by qualified doctors?

Hair transplants at ClinMedica Clinic are performed by a quality medical care team comprising of experienced doctors and assistants. This is all the information provided by the clinic on its website. As a result, clients are unable to know beforehand which specific doctors will be conducting their surgeries. This is one of their major flaws and we believe that the clinic can receive a higher rating if they decide to disclose this information to the public.

This team is qualified enough to have earned the certification of the Ministry of Health in Turkey. Unfortunately, this is all the information that has been provided. Simply stating that qualified professionals will be performing surgeries is not adequate enough. Prospective clients would require specific information about the doctors, their years of experience and the qualifications they possess. A good hair transplant doctor should have a positive reputation which clients should be able to read about easily. They also need assurance that a renowned surgeon is leading the team.

Before and After Pictures

Clinmedica Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

Clinmedica reviews are able to be viewed on several platforms. Clients seem to have rated the clinic very highly. Before and After pictures are uploaded to the clinic’s Facebook page. Many clients seem to be very pleased with the procedure and treatment provided at Clinmedica. We have added a few pictures below!


Methods and Treatments

Clinmedica Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

A variety of hair transplant methods are available at ClinMedica. FUE, FUT and DHI are all provided and clients are able to choose the one which is most suitable. Clients are also able to have eyebrow and beard transplants. The clinic provides special hair transplants for women and provision is even made for afro hair.

The clinic does not only specialise in hair transplants. Clients can also have a variety of plastic surgeries and dental cosmetic procedures performed there. Plastic surgeries include breast, body, facial and genital. Dental cosmetic surgeries include dental implants, orthodontics, periodontics, dental crowns and bridges, general dentistry, dental emergency and even teeth whitening. The clinic offers some other services such as IVF and eye surgery.

Costs and Packages

Clinmedica Clinic Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Clinichub Turkey offers three main packages. The first is the FUE Technique Package and it costs €2090. The second package is the FUE Sapphire Pen which costs €2340. The third package, which is the most expensive, is the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) package. It costs €3100. All three packages are all inclusive.

  • FUE Technique Package
  • Airport Pick up – Departure Shuttle service.
  • Transportation from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa.
  • 3 night free hotel room accommodation.
  • English speaking staff
  • All necessary blood tests
  • Full consultation and hair analysis before and after the operation.
  • Hair Transplant operation (with the latest FUE technique and guaranteed maximum grafts implantation).
  • Platelet-rich plasma (Supportive).
  • All required medicines.
  • Guaranteed growth, and no loss, of all implanted grafts.
  • Lifetime warranty

As soon as clients arrive in Turkey, they are transported to their five star hotel where they will be accommodated during their stay. Transportation is provided to and from the clinic and clients will be surrounded by staff who are able to speak their language. All procedures are included in the package as well as a lifetime warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clinmedica Turkey can be found on various social media platforms. They are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, prospective clients are able to become well acquainted with the clinic before making a decision.

Clinmedica Turkey is affiliated with several exceptional hospitals in Turkey. The surgeries are not conducted at the clinic but at these specific contracted hospitals. Therefore, clients can be assured that they will be safe.

Clinmedica Turkey has been accredited by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. They also possess an A-Licence. Since procedures are conducted in a hospital, clients can be assured that any complications will be solved quickly.


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