Elit Hair Transplant Turkey Review

Elit Hair Transplant Turkey asserts to be the best clinic for a hair transplant in Istanbul with prices ranging from €1,450 to €2,000. The clinic claims to be the pioneer of the FUE technique in Turkey and so much more.

Find out in this Elit Hair Transplant Turkey wholesome review.

Elit Hair Transplant Turkey Review Summary

Booking process


The Elit Hair Transplant Turkey website offers extensive information for those considering a hair transplant procedure, and the booking process has been well detailed. If you’re looking for information tailored to your situation, their customer service is available 24/7, and they also offer free consultation and hair analysis. You can submit the photos of your bald areas via the Elit Hair Transplant Turkey WhatsApp contact, after which, your results will be discussed through a telephone call with their team of experts.

While they offer a free and precise hair analysis, one major drawback with the clinic’s website is their lack of a clear price list. Only by consulting them will you find out their price ranges, and this could be a waste of time, especially if their costs are way over your budget.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


Before you visit to Elit Hair Transplant Turkey, a medical consultant, will provide information on what to expect before the trip. They only prep you on the basics of the procedure and not issues such as visa application. The clinic advises against smoking and drinking in excess before the procedure to minimize bleeding but there are no guidelines on nutrition or supplements.

As for pre-operational consultation, the clinic doesn’t offer any, which is unnerving since the client is not an expert, and the process is happening in a foreign location. There is no possibility of getting any clear information from their website, and this can be quite unsettling given the magnitude of the operation in question.

Arrival & Accommodation


Once you land at the airport, Elit Hair Transplant will have their driver pick you up and take you to the clinic for a blood test after which they will take you to the Ramada hotel. This is a four-star hotel so it doesn’t score a point as we only award points for five star accommodation.

The standard all-inclusive package includes VIP transfers from the hotel, clinic and airport, and a contact person for all your translation and different needs. Also, the clinic offers an additional service of booking your flights to and from Turkey at a fee. To sum it all, upon arrival, everything about your stay for the hair transplant will be taken care of from accommodation to the procedure.

And, on the third day, you’ll be advised on your post-operative phase and safely escorted back to the airport. However, we feel it is necessary to point out that the clinic could have done a better job of highlighting their all-inclusive packages on their website. The clinic loses a point for only providing 2 nights in their package as we think 3 is necessary to recover before your flight home.



Not only does Elit Hair Transplant use modern techniques for their procedures, but it is also fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. The hospital is certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) which ensures it operates according to international health standards. Additionally, it has a large team of medical professionals and an interpreter at your disposal so there’ll be no communication barriers during your entire time in Turkey.

Elit Hair Transplant Clinic operates within the Istinye University Hospital, which has 214 inpatient beds, 11 operating rooms, and 51 intensive care beds. This means that while it is unlikely that an emergency would occur during your procedure if it does happen, they’ll be more than ready to take care of you. Also, the hospital has specialized in other services such as plastic surgery and has a team of experienced specialists.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


At Elit Hair Transplant Clinic, you’re in safe hands when it comes to the procedure since Dr Balwi, one of the most recognized doctors in the field, will be leading your surgery. Besides that, an elite operational team will also be involved in your operation to guarantee perfection. A native speaker will always be at your side throughout the procedure for seamless communication.



With exceptional expertise, Elit Hair Transplant clinic is so convinced of the quality of their work that they offer a 90% hair growth guarantee for all their clients. On the other hand, their aftercare package has an unfinished feel as they do not provide elaborate details on post-op consultations and, there are no financing options to make payments more affordable. Although they offer aftercare products to their clients that help to ensure an optimum result, the products are only available at an extra cost.

Conclusion - We rate Elit Hair Transplant 2.5 out of 5

If you are looking for a clinic with a well-trained team of medical experts, then Elit Hair Transplant is an excellent choice. Unfortunately, there are also other areas they should work on to warrant a higher score than the average 2.5 out of 5.

While the Elit Hair Transplant website offers in-depth information about its procedures and the clinic in general, the overall structure of the care could be better. One of the key gaps to note on the website is the oversight of aftercare information and particularly post-operational consultations. Also, their offering of four-star accommodation for only 2 nights is rather disappointing.

On the plus side, Elit Hair Transplant Turkey is located within a hospital and has an expert team to perform the operation. Additionally their guarantee of the procedure is also a big plus, as if it doesn’t work you’ll be reimbursed. However, like several clinics in Turkey they don’t have a detailed pricing policy on their website, which is frustrating.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Elit Hair Transplant Turkey transplants done by Dr Balwi?

Working at Elit Hair Transplant since 2016 is Dr Balwi, he is among the most notable figures in the clinic’s professional medical team. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ege and was certified as a doctor in hair surgery in 2010. Since then, he has performed more than a thousand hair transplants and having suffered alopecia himself; he can relate with your case and expectations well. His clients have, in particular, enjoyed the personal relationship they had with the doctor.

Dr Balwi is also experienced with the latest techniques in the field and is recognized for being among the first doctors in Turkey to use the FUE method. Additionally, he has developed a shampoo and an anti-hair loss spray that deals explicitly with strengthening your hair—both used before and after hair transplants. The team at the clinic is comprised of several medical specialists, nurses and translators who can serve you in German, English, Italian, French or Spanish. He and his team of experts at Elit Hair Transplant are dedicated to making hair loss issues a thing of the past.

Before and After Pictures

Elit Hair Transplant Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

The Elit Hair Transplant Turkey publishes its pictures on its social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Trust Pilot has rated the clinic and impressive 4.7 from 892 verified reviews and, there are also several reviews available on its website. All these positive reviews make you feel far more confident about Elit clinic as this number of people can’t be wrong.


Methods and Treatments

Elit Hair Transplant Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

While Elit Hair Transplant performs FUT hair transplantation, it specializes in FUE techniques. It also uses the DHI method of hair surgery for those younger than 25 as their hair loss may yet to be established. The clinic ensures to keep up with current innovations to guarantee all their clients the best possible results from their hair transplants.

The clinic also practices an SDHI method that was developed by Dr Balwi. This technique combines high-quality sapphire blades with the DHI method and produces even better and more natural-looking results. Furthermore, beard & eyebrow transplants, micro hair pigmentation, as well as PRP treatments are conducted at the clinic which can help both men and women.

Costs and Packages

Elit Hair Transplant Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Although there is a variety of packages at Elit Hair Transplant Turkey, there is no detailed price list on the site, nor is there information regarding the costs for the extras. Their prices are estimated to be €2.00 to €4.00 per graft, but you can always inquire about the cost via Whatsapp or email. The standard package mentioned in the site includes:

  • Pre-op consultation
  • Blood analysis
  • 4**** Luxury Hotel
  • Hair transplant procedure

Also, the all-inclusive package includes your stay at the Ramada Hotel, transfers from and to the airport & clinic, and 24/7 service availability. Not included in the cost plan, however, is the post-treatment products for your recovery. The clinic sends you an invoice for the total cost of your transplant, and once you make the payment, they confirm it immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a big hospital. Elit Hair Transplant Turkey conducts its procedures in Istinye University Hospital, which is regulated by the EU and is JCI accredited.

Yes, Elit Hair Transplant Turkey conducts its procedures in Istinye University Hospital which is a large and well equipped hospital regulated by the EU and is JCI accredited.

No, Elit Hair Transplant Turkey does not have an A licence. Despite this fact, they operate in a Regulated EU Accredited Private Hospital that can perform Hospital Endorsed and Guaranteed Operations.


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