Estepera Hair Transplant Turkey Review

Estepera Hair Transplant Turkey claim to be one of the best with high quality treatments and a high level of professionalism. Let’s find out whether they are a good option for a hair transplant in Istanbul in this unbiased review.

Estepera Hair Clinic Turkey reviews

Estepera Hair Transplant Turkey Review Summary

Booking process


Estepera hair transplant Turkey scores 4 out of 5 for their booking process. Their clinic offers all customers a free consultation before they commit to surgery and during this they look to see if you would be the perfect candidate or if you might be at risk due to underlying health conditions. The Estepera hair transplantation clinic website offers very detailed information on all the procedures they perform. These include those in their FUE package, VIP FUE package and DHI package, the information is clear and precise.

Also you can book through 5 different methods on the website which includes Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, a contact form or direct phone call. However, the Estepera website doesn’t show their prices for the surgeries they perform. Which is a crucial piece of information missing, and if this was included the website would score top marks for their booking process.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The Pre operational/ consultations section scores 2 out of 5. The website displays a treatment summary which shows you what to expect from your experience with Estepera Hair loss clinic. However, the information is brief and doesn’t go into much detail. But because you are given a pre-occupational consultation you will be able to ask a member of the team for more information before making a commitment.

What isn’t included with the packages are pre-operational kits, so you aren’t given anything to prepare your scalp. Also you are not given nutrition advice or supplements unlike some other clinics. So, the pre-operational process doesn’t actually start until you arrive in Turkey. Another negative would be the inability to reschedule your appointment for free.

Arrival & Accommodation


Arrival & accommodation scores 4 out of 5 with us. Our reasons for this are as follows: For the duration of your the trip the clinic offers English interpreters for translating, which in another country is handy. Also Estepera offers a comfortable 2-3 night stay in the 5-star Grand Cevahir Hotel which is just an 8 minute walk from the clinic.

There are three packages to chose from and each one offers VIP transfers to and from the airport by a VIP chauffeur, which will help to keep you at ease before and after surgery. They lose a point, however, as you will have to wait until the day of the operation to be given a blood test. This is part of the surgery preparation process along with a few other things such as a hair examination or shaving.

The Estepera website scores highly on arrival and accommodation but one negative to point out is that unless you opted for the VIP FUE package you only have a 2 night stay in Turkey, unlike the VIP package which allows an extra day for rest. We would prefer to see a third night included in all the packages.



With a rating of 4 out of 5 Estepera clinic offers great facilities. They are able to offer comfort and ease during all steps to the process. From the minute you arrive to the moment you leave. During the operation process lunch is offered to all customers. You are given a hospital gown during the operation so this is not an extra you need to pay for. They also have all the latest technology in the hair transplant business.

Estepera clinic has an A-licence which is regulated by the Turkish Government. This is really important in any reputable clinic. The Florence Nightingale hospital which the clinic is within is a Regulated EU Accredited Private Hospital which provides it’s patients with confidence that the hospital is providing the best service and care possible.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


The website mentions Dr Şule Gungor and Dr Serbülent Güzey are part of the transplantation team and on arrival you will have a pre-operational consultation with your doctor and specialist team. We can only assume it will be one of these doctors as no others are mentioned. The clinic also offers an English speaking medical team but no nurses are involved, and needleless anaesthetics which minimizes anxiety of their patients, however, are not completely pain-free.



Estepera offers on all three packages aftercare. They provide post op medication, shampoo and spray to take home with you and a hat and neck pillow. They also give you instructions on post-operative care, including sleeping positions and washing frequency. They guarantee a 90% hair growth and with the results they show on their page, this is believable. However, they score poorly for the fact they do not offer finance options for customers, so you can only pay in full on the day of the operation or before. They do, however, offer a year round follow up by phone.

Conclusion - Estepera Hair Transplant Turkey 3.3 out of 5

Overall Estepera scores quite well in our opinion. They have an easy booking process through their website and social media. But, however, fail to mention their pricing for each procedure. They entice their customers by offering a 2-3 night stay in a 5-star hotel for the duration of their trip.

But the extra nights stay is only available to customers paying for the VIP FUE package, and without pricing we don’t have a price comparison. Estepera lose points for their pre operational/consultation section as they do not offer any pre-op advice before their customer travels to turkey. It isn’t until their customer arrives at the hospital the pre operational process begins.

Their facility scores highly as the clinic is within a private hospital in a reputable neighbourhood in Istanbul. They have all the latest facilities 2020 has to offer. We know that the transplantation team has over 15 years experience and both doctors mentioned have had very successful careers. Aftercare scores low with 2 out of 5 as mentioned above. But overall Estepera is a popular choice by many, with outstanding reviews and results.

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Hair Transplant Team

Estepera hair transplant Turkey - Dr Şule Gungor and Dr Serbülent GÜZEY

Estepera Dr Şule Gungor is a leading dermatology doctor at the clinic. She earned her licence degree at the University Medical School from 1995-2001. She then went onto study Dermatology at Ministry of Health, Ankara Education and Research Hospital 2002-2006. She has 14 years experience in the industry and is part of the transplantation team. The site also mentions Dr Serbülent GÜZEY who is a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery who graduated in 2013 in his specialist subject.

There is mention of a specialist team within the clinic but we don’t know who these people are, other than the fact their is a photo on the front page of the website of 15 staff and one of the doctors. The site doesn’t have any specific information on these staff members other than they are a professional, experienced and successful team. Their operations are well assisted and you’ll have at least one English speaker there with you.

Before and After Pictures

Estepera Hair Transplant Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

Estepera displays a lot of before and after results from previous customers. But it would be nice if they were to include a small piece of text from the customer explaining their experience and how long it took for them to achieve the perfect results. However, below the before and after photos there are Estepera hair clinic reviews, which all show 5 out of 5 stars, this is very positive for the clinic.


Methods and Treatments

Estepera Hair Transplant Turkey - Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Estepera clinic has devoted themselves to hair restoration procedures and treatments since the clinic was established. The clinic specialises in hair transplantation procedures only. The top 3 procedures they offer are FUE, FUT, and DHI. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction which is the most popular method used and produces a minimal amount of scarring. The 2nd method FUT or follicular unit hair transplantation is a method also used for reconstructing hairlines which have been lost for reasons such as disease.

The final method used is DHI or direct hair transplantation. This particular method guarantees a natural looking hairline. They achieve this by using an implanter medical tool known as Choi Pen. It has a diameter of 1mm or less and is used to remove hair from the donor area and directly implanted into the area that is being corrected. Estepera also offers Beard and Moustache transplants, and treatments for women too.

Costs and Packages

Estepera hair transplant cost - Available Packages And Extras

As mentioned earlier in the review the website doesn’t display the Estepera hair transplant cost for the procedures on offer. The only way to find out the price is to contact Estepera clinic directly, by their 5 methods of contact. A rule of thumb is that the average cost of a graft is around 0.80 euros.

  • Hair Transplantation with FUE technique
  • Private consultation with the doctor
  • Blood tests
  • Painless anesthesia
  • Post operatory medications
  • First wash at the clinic
  • Shampoo and spray
  • Hat and neck pillow
  • Two-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel
  • Airport, hotel, clinic VIP transfer, Interpreter

The standard packages offer a budget option. Although there are no details on the cost of this package, if you are looking for a quick trip this would be the one. The VIP packages offer a bit more but at what cost we don’t know. You are given VIP transfers to and from the airport, a 3 day stay in a 5 star hotel and 1 day Istanbul tour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they have an active page on Facebook. They upload regularly on this page to keep their audience of thousands of followers updated on all the latest events at Estepera.

Yes – the clinic is situated within the Florence Nightingale hospital in the Üsküdar area of Istanbul. The clinic is in a separate area to the other departments.

Yes the A licence means the clinic is regulated by the Turkish government. Meaning the hospital has been passed as safe, reputable and offers high quality.


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