Mega Hair Trans Istanbul Review

Whilst there are plenty of clinics that offer hair transplant in Istanbul you’d have to make a big decision in selecting the best. Mega Hair Trans Istanbul has many success stories, but will they be the best option for you?

We discover more in the Mega Hair Transplant Centre review

Mega Hair Trans Istanbul Review Summary

Booking process


The Mega Hair trans Istanbul website seems appealing to international clients, as the website has a good English language landing page. You can visit the website and access the information in four different languages. Although some parts of the website may need additional translation, for example, they wrote the entire press section in Turkish. Mega Hair Transplant Center has also made consultation easy by giving customers various ways to contact them, including email, phone and WhatsApp.

Note that the team that would perform the procedure for you does not make it clear as their website does not display their teams or professionals. This might strike some potential customers as unprofessional and can create a lack of confidence in the company. Their website also does not reveal the prices of their services, as you can only get quotes by contacting them.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


Mega Hair Trans provides a clear trip itinerary on their website, and you can find it on their contact page. Also, they have a google maps plugin on their website that can also help with directions to the clinic. The contact page contains lots of different ways to contact them in case you need to make an enquiry.

The website does not seem to have any pre-operational consultation. This might be an immense turn off for potential customers because it is unclear how they would get enough information from their patient or even if they bother. It isn’t also clear if their patient would get any pre-operational kit, as there is nothing about this on their website.

Arrival & Accommodation


Mega Hair Trans offer patients who plan on using their services a VIP transfer from the airport to where they’d lodge. This also comes with an English-speaking driver or coordinator.

The clinic says it hosts their clients in the elite hotels in the central locations of Istanbul, but the exact price is unclear and some examples of those hotels are also not included. The amount of days needed for rest is also not stated in the website and this is not standard for an international hospital. At the very least, all this information should be readily available on the website.

One major thing to know is that the website says nothing about a blood test done upon arrival and whether or not they even do the test at before the surgery is not available on the website. This would mean that they do the test on the day of surgery and the patient will have to wait extra hours for the results of the blood test before they carry out the procedure.



Mega Hair Trans has a Hair Transplantation Examination process where the hair is examined by a specialist to check the treatment plan required for a successful hair transplant. In the examination, they measure a combination of hairlessness, wellness and density of hair follicles to see if the patient needs a hair transplant. Also, they have laser hair therapy, which can be used to strengthen the hair.

Unlike the comforts experienced in western hospitals, Mega Hair Trans does not offer any comfort, Lunch, entertainment, clothes, ergonomic chair and bed. The clinic does not have an A-license issued by the Turkish government and does not have an accreditation by the European Union. One thing to note is that the clinic does not guarantee a successful operation just like some other hair transplant clinic out there.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Experience plays a major role in the hair transplant industry as it is needed if patients want to be assured success in the procedure. Gülten Unveren who is the General Director at Mega Hair Trans has several years of experience in hair transplant. Besides, several doctors are usually present during the procedure consisting of one specialist and one assistant and other professionals.



Mega Hair Trans does not seem to provide any major assistance in terms of aftercare. They do have extensive explanations about how to take care of yourself after the procedure, and you can also contact them if you need help. Answers to questions like aftercare cost, if the patient would receive aftercare, appear not to be answered on the website. What they provide is a success rate of 6 months, but not an assurance that it would work.

Conclusion - We rate Mega Hair Trans 1.67 out of 5

Mega Hair Trans has not done well in terms of the overall review, as the faults found are not little. There are still some unanswered questions and lack of some quality services that make the clinic to be down-rated.

There are still a lot of questions that patients might need answering, for example, what is the cost of the surgery? Who is the doctor that will carry out the operation? Are there even any pre-operational costs? Will there be a blood test upon arrival? All these appear unanswered in the Mega Hair Trans website.

We could have rated the website well if they provided major answers on their website. Not all potential customers have the time to contact them, and it might just throw some people. Also, Mega Hair Trans does not provide travel advice, neither does it state whether you will pay extra for the accommodation or where exactly you will stay. All these unanswered questions will turn off clients.

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Hair Transplant Team

Does Gülten Unveren carry out the operation in Mega Hair Transplant Center?

Logically, there is no way that such a delicate procedure would be carried out except there is a professional available. The General Director at Mega Hair trans who is Gülten Unveren has been working on hair transplant for over 20 years. You would know that you’d be in safe hands during the surgery, as 20+ years of experience in the field is more than enough assurance of a great outcome. There’s no uncertainty in her experience in this area.

The clinic’s website does not reveal the names of the professionals who would be involved in the operation. Even if nurses are to be present in the procedure, it does not show this information on the website. Gülten Ünveren’s name and images are prevalent on the website, and the reason for this could be that she is the general director of the clinic. Things like this can raise suspicions about the clinic because even a google search did not reveal the names of anybody working in the clinic.

Before and After Pictures

Mega Hair Trans Istanbul Results And Before and After Pictures

A Mega Hair Transplant Centre review shows that the website features no before and after image, but there is a YouTube video showing success stories on the Hair Transplant page. We likewise checked their Instagram page, found lots of before and after images there. There is no Trustpilot review of the clinic, but we found some heavily mixed reviews on Google reviews.


Methods and Treatments

Mega Hair Trans Istanbul Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Mega Hair Trans has two methods used to perform hair transplantation. It is either they use the FUE Hair Transplantation technique or the FUE – DHI Hair Transplantation technique. The specific technique used for people and how they decide is not clear. If it is an option to choose from or the doctors select it for their patient is vague.

According to them, they have been applying the DHI Hair Transplantation method for many years and it seems it works best for their clients. Mega Hair Trans offers other services, including beard and moustache transplant. There is an assurance that the entire process shouldn’t take more than 8 hours for 4000 grafts and lesser time for lesser grafts for the transplantation.

Costs and Packages

Mega Hair Trans Istanbul Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

We said earlier it in the review that Mega Hair Trans Istanbul does not reveal the prices anywhere on their website and that you’d have to contact them for that information. There isn’t even a way to suggest the prices, and the website doesn’t provide any kind of hint to the price. But according to them, their standard package includes:

  • Hair Transplant
  • VIP airport transportation
  • Accommodation at the elite hotels in the central locations of Istanbul
  • Warranty Certificate

When they finish the operation, clients can use the VIP transportation from their hotel residence to the airport. Also, Mega Hair trans gives a warranty certificate, and it is unclear what patients can or cannot do with the certificate. As they do not provide any aftercare services, they train their clients in details about how to maintain the hair. Patients can also call them anytime after the surgery to make an inquiry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mega Hair Trans has an Instagram account with the handle @megahairtrans. You can find there many before and after pictures there and also, more information about the company is there.

No, Mega Hair Trans does not perform the surgeries in a hospital, but instead, they perform the hair transplant surgeries in a clinic they own.

No, Mega Hair Trans has no A-license that is authorized by the Turkish medical ministry. There is a featured ministry of health permission on their website, but it is not a proper A-license.


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