Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Review

Get the lowdown on the VIP service at Sule Hair Transplant Turkey. Sule claims that it has been the leading clinic in hair, beard and eyebrow transplants since 2014. See if their hair transplant in Istanbul is worth it.

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Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Review Summary

Booking process


Sule Hair Transplant Turkey has an English website to advise their clients about the procedure of a hair, beard or eyebrow transplant. They also outline the causes of hair loss and types of treatment on their site. Sule Hair Transplant Turkey provides contact information and free consultation for potential patients. There is also plenty of information about transportation, visas, accommodation, treatments and washing are available. Clients can plan a rough itinerary or procedure before contacting the clinic directly. However, information about prices and the team can’t be found until a contact is made with the clinic.

There is no list of prices on the Sule Hair Transplant Turkey website because a doctor’s examination determines the cost of a transplant. The price also depends on the type of hair procedure, so contact the team for a more detailed consultation and correct pricing. There is also no information about the clinic’s team, so potential buyers need to do some research and ask more questions about the staff’s qualifications.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The website displays an itinerary and what to expect on arrival in Istanbul. There is a draft four-day itinerary describing how to meet the driver at the airport and other arrival procedures. More details are required to finalise an itinerary, but no advice about rescheduling a booking has been provided.

A pre-operational consultation can happen before the hair transplant takes place in Istanbul. Sule also advises customers to stop supplements, drinking alcohol and smoking before arriving in Turkey. Sule recommends certain medicines and foods. However, there is no indication that Sule Hair Transplant Turkey will provide personalised advice about nutrition or supplements. The site does not mention that customers will receive a pre-operational kit with medicines and special hair treatments.

Arrival & Accommodation


The arrival and accommodation look well organised and high quality on the Sule Hair Transplant website. Sule can organize an English speaking coordinator and driver through their 24/7 WhatsApp service. The website gives information about how to meet the driver at the airport. Transfers to and from the airport are free and arrival at the hotel looks trouble free.

Sule Hair Transplant itinerary includes a 3-day stay at a Western standard 5-star hotel. The hotel is close to the hospital in the centre of Taksim, Istanbul. The hotel has free internet, tea, coffee and snacks which is to be expected in a 5-star hotel. The overall impression is that the location and quality of the hotel are high. Customers have a well-catered space to relax before and after their operation.

The website has failed to mention any information about a blood test on arrival. A blood test needs to be completed to determine any underlying diseases or issues that may prevent a hair transplant. Waiting to get a blood test in Turkey is risky if the blood work is unfavourable because it will mean the whole trip is wasted. The best advice is to get a blood test before departing the UK to avoid a wasted trip to Turkey.



A Sule Hair Transplant is not completed in a facility with an A-license approved by the Turkish Government and accredited by the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, the facility is not a regulated EU Accredited Private Hospital. A potential patient will not have a legal guarantee of the regulations and safety of the operation. You need to research this operation carefully because many of the top hair transplant clinics in Turkey are endorsed or guaranteed.

Patients receive lunch at the hospital but there is no mention of a bed or a specially designed chair for the transplant. No other mention of entertainment has been provided. A button shirt is required to be worn during the operation because it is comfortable and easy to take off without damaging the implanted grafts. Sule uses laser measured hairline, density measurement and donor area selection tools. These tools are used to ensure that the result looks natural.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


There is an English speaking medical team available for the whole surgery and the clinic also offers needleless anaesthetics which is ideal for those that feel nervous when receiving needles. There is no indication of team that will attend to the needs of patients, though. The website mentions a “medical team” but never uses the terms “doctors” or “nurses”.



A Sule Hair Transplant comes with a 90% hair growth guarantee but doesn’t provide a standard post-treatment package used by many hair transplant clinics. They only provide a wash 48 hours after the operation and a schedule for post-treatment. A hair care kit with a special shampoo and hairspray is given with products that will last for 10 days after the operation. However, Sule doesn’t give 2 months of after-care products which is an industry standard we look for. There are also no options for financing on the site.

Conclusion - Sule Hair Transplant Turkey receives 2.17 out of 5

There is no information about doctors and nurses on the website. Furthermore, the clinic does not have an A-License, and a Sule Hair Transplant is not completed in a regulated EU Accredited Private Hospital. There is also a lack of pre and post-operative care despite attempts at providing support through the website.

The website is in English and it is easy to get some support for a Sule Hair Transplant. You can contact the team through WhatsApp, email and other methods. The site provides information about what to do before treatment, but no personalised pre-operational consultation or kit is mentioned on the site. There is also a lack of post-operative care and only a few consultation meetings after the operation.

Clients can expect a VIP airport transfer, English speaking driver and a Western standard, 5-star hotel, located close to the hospital. All in all, the clinic has received an average score from us due to some gaps in the service we look for. In particular, we have concerns regarding the medical team, so we are unlikely to recommend a Sule hair transplant.

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Hair Transplant Team

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey hair transplants are done by qualified doctors

There should be an excellent team of doctors and nurses ready to provide a hair transplant but it is challenging to find this information by reading the website. The medical team that will complete a Sule hair transplant is left unknown. Also, there is no photo of the team members and no information about their qualifications or other credentials can be found. This is a concern for patients as they need to know that they are in trusted and professional care before making a final decision about having the operation.

Many top hair transplant clinics will have a qualified doctor with professional qualifications. Hair transplant surgeons are qualified doctors who have specialised in hair transplants and have lots of experience. However, there is no mention of a doctor with this type of qualification on the site. The top hair transplant clinics also show the doctor’s awards, experience and specialisations but little is shown. For this reason we have concerns about the Sule hair transplant clinic.

Before and After Pictures

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

Sule Hair Transplant Clinic has an extensive number of Youtube testimonials describing the journey that each patient has gone through. Many photos can also be found on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The people shown in testimonials talk favourably about the staff and comfort level they have received. Sule Hair Transplant Turkey reviews are all positive on Facebook, but there are no reviews of the hair transplant clinic on Trustpilot.


Methods and Treatments

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

The hair transplant clinic gives patients a choice of different methods and treatments. The pros and cons of Saphire FUE and DHI methods can all be found on the website. Clients can also purchase a hair, beard or eyebrow transplant while females can receive a specialised Sule hair transplant. The clinic gives specific information about suitable methods and procedures for women. There is also a link to Sule dental on most pages.

You can see implants, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening on the Sule dental homepage. Tooth extractions, teeth cleaning, check-ups and online consultations can also be seen under general dentistry. They even show a Hollywood Smile service on their homepage. Sule dental advertises that they have won best patient care, best practice and best team awards, but there is little information about these awards on the internet.

Costs and Packages

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

It is hard to know how much Sule Hair Transplant Turkey charges for their services because no prices for their hair, beard and eyebrow transplants are available. The FAQ section states that patients need to do a doctor’s examination to determine the price. The cost will also depend on the procedure, and number of grafts, so the only way to know the price is to contact the clinic directly through the website. The package includes:

  • Hair transplant
  • Accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • VIP Transfers
  • Translation services
  • Certification of guarantee

The package includes everything you need for a hassle-free trip. Aside from accommodation and transfers, you also get a guarantee, first hair wash, medical pack and translation services. It sounds like a great deal but not even a price per graft is detailed, so it’s not possible to assess whether it’s good value or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Sule Hair Transplant Clinic is on Facebook, and it is possible to see some contact information or photos at Use this link to get in contact with the clinic through Facebook.

Yes, their clinic is within a hospital with many facilities for performing surgeries. However, Sule does not have an A-Licence, and surgery will not be performed in a European certified hospital.

No, Sule Hair Transplant does not have an A-Licence which is a certificate approved by the Turkish Government and accredited by the Ministry of Health. The clinic does not have European certification.


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