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Wearing hats after a hair transplant procedure

How soon after a hair transplant can you wear a hat_

You have had your hair transplantation done, now how to protect the grafts. One question asked frequently is wearing a hat after a hair transplant procedure the correct thing to do? This is not always about the grafts but can be a concern at how it all looks following surgery.

Why Cover-Up?

There are two types of hair implant surgeries. Regardless of the procedure that you qualify for, work will be done on two areas of your scalp. You will have follicular hair units removed from donor areas and taken to the recipient areas. Both these stages require the area to have small incisions made in your scalp.

Due to the incisions, your skin will likely have a red appearance once the surgeons are done. Apart from that, there may also be swelling. Those who can stay at home for the recovery period won’t have a problem. But for those who still have work or other duties to attend to, it’s often necessary to cover up and avoid curious glances.

Options To Cover Up

After the procedure, you may want to cover your head as you leave. You should request the surgeons to wrap it for you with a headband dressing.

You can then wear a light hoodie over the headband wrapping. Firm hats like baseball caps, as well as loose-fitting, adjustable hats, can also work.

It’s Best To Wait

Once you decide to get hair implants, your scalp needs at least six days to secure the grafts in place. As such, wearing any headgear isn’t encouraged. However, if you must cover up, be sure to take the necessary precautions. That’s because any headgear that comes into contact with your grafts could dislodge them. So to answer the question, ‘is wearing hats after a hair transplant procedure ok?’, it would be a reluctant yes, with the caution, be careful!