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Hair Transplant Costs from as little as €1750!

A quick guide on hair transplant costs and how to save thousands.

Hair transplants are an excellent solution for male pattern baldness (MPB). Fact. If you are losing your hair and along with it your self-esteem, you may have looked into the possibility of having a hair transplant.

Perhaps you are currently using shampoos or alternative treatments to prevent hair loss. However, you feel that it is limiting in its effectiveness. You can afford the £30 a month for the treatment, but the £5-10,000 hair transplant costs in the UK and Ireland are out of your reach.

You are not alone. That’s some serious cash for many people. The great news is that travelling abroad can significantly reduce hair transplant costs.

You might even be able to save over 70% on UK hair transplant prices.

Let’s take a look at the factors affecting hair transplant costs

  • Where you have your hair transplant
  • How many grafts are needed
  • The hair transplant method you need
  • Whether you opt for luxury or economy accommodation
  • The clinic you choose
  • Pre-booking
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Hair transplant costs per country

As previously mentioned, where you have your transplant is a significant factor in how much your hair transplant costs. Here are some guide hair transplant costs for different countries.

As you can see from the table, a hair transplant in the US or UK costs thousands more than in Eastern Europe. It might be that hair transplant costs in your country are prohibitive. Or if you can easily afford a hair transplant, who wants to throw money down the drain needlessly, when you could save thousands? By choosing an Eastern European country such as Poland, Lithuania, or Turkey, you can dramatically reduce your hair transplant costs.

Receive a free hair assessment worth €250 in 2 hours, including hair transplant costs.

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How many grafts are needed

The number of grafts required is the next determining factor for hair transplant costs. Hair loss can be described by using the Norwood scale. When you have a hair transplant overseas, the clinic will ask to see some photos of your hair. It’s not as good as in-person consultation, but it’s very useful and the doctor can suggest the number of grafts needed to give you a good result. The number of grafts best suited to your hair loss will vary from 1,500 to 5,000 or more.

The method of hair transplant

Hair transplants used to be the FUT method. But as time has gone on, ever more techniques and advancements have been made. The doctor will recommend the type of hair transplant for your hair loss, and it may be you are given a choice. Here is a quick rundown of methods and relative hair transplant costs.

The clinic you choose

Hair transplant prices vary with the clinic you choose. Some clinics are cheaper than others. We provide details of several clinics. You should choose a reputable clinic that you feel comfortable with.

Special Treatments

The time of year you travel

Depending on where you travel from, you will have to pay for flights. This may be a considerable cost if you’re travelling from the US. However, flights from the UK are relatively inexpensive to Turkey, Poland, or Lithuania. But, you can further reduce hair transplant costs by picking up a budget flight during off-peak months. Expect to pay more for flights during popular vacation times from June through to September. Outside of these times, you can get even cheaper flights. Flight costs will still make up only a small part of the overall hair transplant costs. Expect to pay just over £100 for return flights to Istanbul at off-peak times, such as November. Flights to Warsaw, Poland are even cheaper and can be picked up for less than £80. Flights to Lithuania are also very inexpensive and less than £100 during off-peak months.

Pre-booking to lower your hair transplant costs

Finally, you can save hundreds of pounds by booking your hair transplant in advance. Just turning up is not going to get you the best deal, whatever you are buying. Hair transplant clinics will reduce your hair transplant costs when you pay a deposit or the full balance before you arrive. By completing the quick form, you can save time researching and sending the same details to various clinics. We will send you details of the best hair transplant clinics direct to your inbox. Then simply pre-book your package with them, and you’ll be sure that you are getting the best price.
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