There is a myriad of symptoms an individual may exhibit when they have diabetes. Examples include excessive thirst or urination, weight loss, fatigue and blurred vision. Damage to internal organs such as the kidney, a heart attack or even stroke may also occur. A symptom that has left people wandering in the dark is that of hair loss. The relation between diabetes and hair loss bewilders many. But what role does diabetes have in relation to hair loss?

Diabetes and Hair Loss – Explaining the Enigma

Curious about the relationship between diabetes and hair loss? Well, wonder no more. If you have diabetes, the body is not producing insulin within the normal range. Either your body is under-producing insulin or is not utilising it to its fullest. The hormone insulin transports sugar in the blood to the cells of the entire body.

Here comes the interesting part. When insulin is not playing its vital role, there is a gradual build-up of sugar in your blood. This sudden spike may end up causing damage to not only the organs but also the blood vessels. Blood vessels supply nutrients and oxygen to cell tissue and organs. Due to the resultant damage, the hair follicle cells do not get proper nutrition and become weak.

Diabetes & The Immune System Connection To Hair Loss

Studies have shown there is a link between diabetes and hair loss with regard to the immune system. Apart from the loss of hair on your head, you may also end up losing hair on your legs and other body parts! Individuals with diabetes are more prone to a condition known as alopecia areata. This is where the immune system attacks the cells of the hair follicles. This causes random patches of hair loss to appear on the head.

Diabetes being a chronic condition may also induce stress as you come to terms living with it. With the introduction of stress, hair loss increases. Prescribed medication for diabetes may have certain side effects. A common one being possible hair loss. A thyroid condition may also occur in people with diabetes. This is also a known cause of hair loss.

Diabetes and Hair Loss – How to Maintain Your Natural Look

Maintaining your natural hair look while managing your diabetes condition is very possible! Care to know some of the changes you can make to your life to get your mane back? Making adjustments to your lifestyle and diet can have a huge impact on your hair loss. Doing regular exercises reduces stress and also improves blood flow in your body. A proper diet aids in maintain the best level of sugar in your blood. Vitamin supplements such as Vitamin B complex increase the rate of hair growth. Injection of immuno-suppressive drugs play a critical role in countering alopecia areata. They reduce the auto-immune attacks on your hair follicles. A qualified doctor should be first consulted before you try out any of the above methods. In the event the hair loss is too severe, a hair transplant procedure may come into play. Feel free to contact us to gain more knowledge on this procedure and get your favourite look back!