Having a hair transplant is easy nowadays, all thanks to modern technology. Unlike decades ago, hair transplants today are more advanced, long-lasting and natural-looking. Although there are medicinal and natural remedies for hair loss, hair transplant results are more targeted and effective.

With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE Procedure), one of the most popular hair transplant treatments, patients can expect minimal scarring and better results than other hair loss treatments. But after the hair transplant procedure, you may wonder how long a hair transplant will last. After all, what’s to stop your hair falling out again? It’s an understandable question to ask, so read on to find out more. 

What Results Can I Expect After The Surgery?

After the surgery, you can expect to see hair regrowth in a few months, although this varies according to the individual. Moreover, several factors may influence the results such as age and hair quality. As an overview, you can expect to see results in two to three months where you will start noticing new hair growth but are not yet capable of combing it. In the next months after, your hair can be growing back in its normal, natural state. In 12 months, you may see that your hair grows longer, thicker, and blends well with your original hair.

It is important to know that you may experience hair fall in the first few months. Don’t worry, this is totally normal and part of the healing process of your hair and scalp. The doctor usually recommends vitamins, shampoos and serums for optimal growth, post-surgery. 

Is A Transplant Forever?

How long does a hair transplant last

Hair transplant results vary from patient-to-patient. Generally, a hair transplant can last a lifetime because healthy and strong hair follicles are grafted into the receding and bald areas. The doctors will choose the follicles at the back of the head that is resistant to the balding gene, so these implanted follicles won’t fall out, like the ones you have lost already. 

Nevertheless, a hair transplant can last longer or shorter, depending on several factors that may affect the hair’s lifespan. These include a person’s age, hair type, lifestyle, diet, the gravity of hair loss, surgeon’s skills, and many more. Some patients have two or more hair transplants depending on the results of the first procedure.

What Factors Affect Results?

Several factors affect the growth of a new transplant and hair restoration. First, always choose the best surgeon and clinic. Although there are advanced hair transplant techniques, it still depends on the surgeon’s skills and the quality of the grafts. Second, your age highly influences your decision, whether you need another hair transplant or not. With age, your hair follicles die and may not be able to regrow anymore, which requires another hair transplant. Lastly, if you have underlying medical conditions at present or in the future, it may have potential side effects for your hair transplantation. 

What Can I Do To Help Make My Hair Transplant Last?

A transplant alone can give permanent results; however, there are some ways to help it have a longer lifespan. Taking some medicine or natural remedies can help maintain the results longer. After the surgery, it is still natural to still have hair loss. The doctor will usually prescribe medicine to treat it and help slow down thinning or hair loss. 

Post-surgery, it is important to note that there are certain rules to follow that are crucial to your hair transplant results. 

Where Can I Get A Hair Transplant?

As mentioned in some articles on the website, hair transplantation in Turkey is very popular for its affordable and quality hair transplant results. Most clinics in Turkey are well-experienced in the hair transplant field and have the advanced medical technology to give the best hair transplant results. The doctors are well-trained and are certified in doing the surgery.

To know more, you can have a free online consultation in most clinics in Turkey. All you need to do is sign up here and choose the clinics that are most suitable for you.