After undergoing a hair transplant procedure, you are likely going to be excited about your new look. However, you need to have adequate knowledge on taking good care of your newly implanted hair. After the transplant, one of the concerns should be the proper size of your haircut. Continue reading to learn more.

Time it takes for hair to grow after hair transplantation

After the hair transplant, you are advised to be patient. Many people are normally scared if they don’t exhibit hair growth after the surgery. This may be due to a condition known as shock loss which occurs normally. It is important to note that after the transplant, the grafts take three months before they start facilitating the growth of new hair.

Since new hair takes time to grow after a transplant, it is recommended to wait for a while before visiting your barber for a haircut. Taking a haircut before your doctor’s recommended time may cause harm to the scalp. The chemicals used during hairdressing may cause infections to the wounds or even result to the falling out of grafts.

How short should the haircut be after a transplant?

Ideally, after the hair transplant, it is not advisable to cut your hair too close to the scalp during your first haircut. This may damage the newly implanted follicles.

Apart from the size of your hair, one other important factor to consider is the materials you should use when cutting your hair for the first time after the transplant. The use of scissors is highly recommended. Avoid using razors and other blades as they may cause an irreversible damage to the implanted follicles.

The recommended size of haircut after a transplant

In conclusion, cutting hair after a transplant is considered delicate and dangerous if the right precautions are not followed. However, many regard it as an important moment as they experience their normal life with the newly implanted hair. When cutting the hair for the first time after the transplant, it is advisable not to cut it too close to the scalp as this may damage the newly implanted follicles.