You wake up one morning, head to the shower and as you wash your head you notice something unusual. A few strands of hair have fallen off. No cause for panic right? The same thing happens over the next few days and a myriad of questions criss-cross your mind. What’s happening to me? Am I falling ill? While hair loss may be normal, in certain instances it may point to an underlying issue. As you read this post you will get a better understanding of how to minimise hair loss and its probable causes.

What Are The Probable Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss may vary from one individual to another. A medical condition, hereditary factors and lack of proper nutrition are some of the causes of hair loss. If your parents have a history of hair loss, there is a high probability you will experience it too. This form of hereditary hair loss is known as Hereditary Pattern Baldness. It is a lot more evident in men, but woman can suffer from it also. Physical and mental stress also contribute to hair loss. Constant sickness or drastic weight loss make the hair follicles not only weak but also undernourished. Deficiency of iron in the body (anaemia) not only causes general body weakness and fatigue but also hair loss.

Scalp infection either from viruses, fungi or bacteria can result in weak roots thereby damaging hair follicles. Psoriasis is one of the common infections. Some health conditions may call for certain medical treatment. As the medication takes effect, the side effects of the treatment may cause rapid damage to the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Treatment for conditions such as depression, typhoid and heart diseases may also cause hair loss. Chemotherapy is a well-known form of treatment that causes hair loss. Malnutrition through an unbalanced diet leads to a dry scalp triggering hair loss.

Possible Remedies of Hair Loss – What to Do

It is not all doom and gloom when it comes to hair loss. You can make some adjustments in your daily life to minimise hair loss. Are you familiar with the proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’? That’s right! Regular exercises such as jogging or yoga help reduce stress levels. Consuming a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins A, B and C, and iron provides the proper nourishment for minimising hair loss.

Try reducing the frequency of washing your hair to say at least once every three days. This helps maintain the natural oils on your scalp and hair which are vital for strong and healthy hair growth. Using washing lotion and shampoo free from chemicals such as silicone and sulphates can be of great benefit. If you are a fan of dying your hair frequently you might have to think twice. Why? You may ask. A recent study showed that allergic contact dermatitis from hair dyes play a role in hair loss.

Start The Interesting Journey to Minimise Hair Loss

When it comes to minimising hair loss, the recommendations you have read are easy to achieve. With a strong sense of commitment and will you can bid farewell to future hair loss. Where the hair loss seems severe do not panic. A qualified and experienced doctor can suggest other measures. This can include hair growth supplements or a hair transplant procedure. Do not hesitate to book a consultative session with a doctor who will be in a position to give you the proper advice on which option to take.