Clinicana Hair Transplant Center Review

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Clinicana Hair Transplant and Esthetic Center

  • The year of establishment: 2001
  • Location: Within the Acibadem Hospital, Taksim, Istanbul
  • Methods used for hair transplantation: FUE
  • Practitioner: Dr. Soner Tatlıdede and team
  • Type: individual hair transplantation clinic
  • Certificates: awards granted to staff
  • Treatments per year: no information available
  • Prices: starting from 2100 USD
  • Maximum amount of transplanted grafts: 3000
  • Financing options: no information available
  • Package prices: packages startig from $2100
  • Warranty: desired result reached in 12 months
  • Available languages: English/Turkish
  • Before the procedure: free online consultation
  • Other services: beard and eyebrow transplant
  • Support after operation: post care team
  • Contact: telephone support available 24/7
clinicana hair transplant review

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Why Is Cinicana Hair Transplant Center A Good Idea?

Before we get into our Clinicana hair transplant centre review, we wanted briefly consider having hair transplantation Turkey.

Many people may have some doubts and this is completely normal. However, we would love to break some stigma around this matter and bring to light the actual nature of this subject.

Whereas we understand the fear of traveling abroad to have your hair transplantation done and fearing that cheap price means cheap results, it is all much more simple than it may seem. Keep on reading and we will explain exactly how and why – after reading you won’t even want consider other options.

Why choose Clinicana Hair Transplant Center?

Doing your hair transplantation FUE style is the biggest trend of our time – and it should be, as FUE might just be the most pain-free way to get not only the best but also the most natural possible result with your hair transplantation. Clinicana hair transplant Turkey offers results so nice you wouldn’t even believe it is transplanted hair. Getting a hair transplantation is a decision you won’t regret, if this is your route forward contact us so we can help.

Thanks to our globalised world you are now able to travel to Turkey to have your hair transplantation done up to 70% cheaper – still getting results matching the ones you would get at a clinic in your home town. It’s also an obvious upside to get a little break from your busy lifestyle every now and then with a little trip.

Clinicana Clinic claims that all Clinicana hair transplant are done by some of the best surgeons specialising in hair transplantations in Turkey. Hair transplantation is something that will last your whole life, so choosing the right clinic is obviously essential.

Choosing Clinicana Hair Transplant Istanbul might be the best shot for hair transplantation Turkey. Searching for Clinicana Hair Transplant reviews online, we found a high content of happy people praising Clinicana. 

FAQ - Good to know about Clinicana Hair Transplant Center

Our Clinicana hair transplant review team asked this question and Clinicana medical team said not to expect final results until a year after your hair transplantation. Although you will start to see changes happening  within the first month. 

Clinicana offers hair transplantation up to 70% cheaper than your local clinic with prices starting as low as $2100.

Depending on which hair transplantation package you choose to get, the prices at Clinicana Hair Transplantation Clinic vary from €1,800 to about €2,140. 

Some Clinicana hair transplantation packages are customised for international guests and include transportation, airport pick-up and a stay at a local 4-star hotel.

Good results speak for themselves, although every hair transplantation experience is different - lets us help you on your journey!

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