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Estetik Hair - Brief Overview

  • Founded: 2017
  • Locations: Clinic Antalya, Turkey
  • Hair Transplant Methods: Manual Punch FUE, Scalp micro-pigmentation
  • Medical Team: Dr Adem Korkut and Mr Emre Uzmaner
  • Medical facilities: Ercivan Apartment No.1, 3rd Floor Flat 8
  • Certifications: Hospital guidelines and policies as per the Ministry of Health, Turkey
  • Treatments per year: Unknown
  • Prices: Available following conclusive consultation
  • The maximum number of grafts per treatment: 3,500
  • Financing: Payment through cash, credit or debit card
  • All-inclusive packages: Unknown
  • Guarantees: Follow-up assessment after hair transplant
  • Accreditation: Turkish Medical Association as a clinic
  • Before procedure support: Pre-operation talk on what the procedure entails
  • After procedure support: One-on-one follow up during your recovery phase
  • Languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Arabic
  • Contact: Phone number, e-mail, social media
Estetik Hair review

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Estetik Hair Antalya - A Diversification Of Hair Transplants

Our Estetik Hair review found at the heart of tall the clinic hair transplantation activities are Dr Adem Korkut and Mr Emre Uzmaner. Their speciality is the FUE transplant method.

With over 3 years since the start of its operations, we found the clinic to have few but positive reviews from their patients. When it comes to the clinic’s hair transplant costs patients, appear happy with their cost from this clinic. Low overheads keep prices very competitive in Turkey. Unfortunately, we could not find any images of the clinic itself or before and after pictures of the procedures.

Our research found that Estetik Hair uses the latest FUE technology to carry out hair transplants, with the Dr and two nurses offering the necessary support. Both Doctors have over 15 years experience in the hair transplant operations. Before commencing any procedure Dr Adem Korkut gives each patient an overview of what the procedure entails. As such, the patient can get an insight into what to expect. Following an interactive consultation, the doctor and patient have realistic expectations of the desired outcome.

Hair Transplant Clinic With A Range Of Hair Transplant Techniques

Estetik hair transplant services feature a diverse portfolio, enabling patients to have a variety of hair transplant options to choose from. Examples include hair transplant FUE, scalp micro-pigmentation and hair transplant repairs & revisions. Hygiene being an essential parameter for any surgery, our review found Estetik Hair carries out regular and thorough sterilisation of its facility.

Our Estetik Hair review found another plus about their hair transplant services. Dr Adem Korkut carries out the FUE and graft transplants himself. A similar technique to the FUE method in use at the clinic is the Follicular Isolation Technique (FIE). A primary aim of this technique is to set a limit to the depth a hair transplant surgeon can enter. The doctor is then able to dissect the rest of the way with a lower probability of transection taking place.

Presentable eyebrows and eyelashes are a sign of youth. The Estetik Hair clinic is capable of making eyebrows thick and fuller. This review looked at the artistic components they consider when conducting an eyebrow transplant. The shape of the transplant brow must look natural and properly frame from the eye. For women, the eyebrow has to arch and taper from the middle to the side. Men eyebrows sit lower, closer to the eye and have a flatter configuration.

Estetik Hair Antalya - Common Inquiries

Our review did not find any all-inclusive package on offer. A patient will have to look for accommodation and other auxiliary services on their own. The clinic can assist you in identifying reputable hotels within its environs. On a positive note, Esterik Hair uses a reliable local travel service. It picks you up from the airport and enables you to transfer from your hotel to the clinic.

Hair transplant costs vary from one individual to another. Mostly due to the type of hair transplant or the degree of skill of the doctor. A patient sends multi-angle photos of their head or any other area of concern to the doctor. Once an analysis of your needs is complete, the surgeon sends you a full assessment report. A preliminary cost of the hair transplant will come with the report, an approximate price is around €1.25 per graft, but there will be additional charges to that, if optional treatments are chosen, which Dr performs your procedure and, don’t forget, your travel and accommodation costs.

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