AHD Clinic Review

A Hands-On Approach Clinic To Hair Transplantation

Overview of AHD Clinic Antalya

  • Founded: 2002
  • Locations: Antalya, Turkey
  • Hair Transplant Methods: Micro FUE hair transplant
  • Medical Team: Dr Hakan Doğanay
  • Medical facilities: Yes
  • Certifications: Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Treatments per year: Approximately 4,000
  • Prices: Vary depending on the type of transplantation. Manual extraction method costs €2.5 per graft.
  • The maximum number of grafts per treatment: Approximately 3,000 to 4,500
  • Financing: Free online consultation
  • All-inclusive packages: Yes
  • Guarantees: Post-operation follow-up
  • Accreditation: Lead surgeon registered with international professional bodies. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS)
  • Before procedure support: Available.
  • After procedure support: Available
  • Languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, German, French, Russian
  • Contact: E-mail, phone number, social media, contact form
AHD Clinic Review

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AHD Clinic Review

AHD Clinic Turkey - An Invigorating Hair Transplant Experience

This AHD Clinic review is at the forefront in the provision of hair transplant services in Antalya. The clinic aims to provide full hair coverage to its international patients for a natural look. Our review found the hair transplant costs to be affordable. A reason for this modest cost is the lower than European average labour costs and overheads in Turkey. Plus, the lower rates of the surrounding hotels also contribute to the moderate costs of their all-inclusive packages. We particularly liked the summary table on the website, where you can find the charges of different hair transplants, remember in your calculations to note the clinic prices per graft.

Dr Hakan Doğanay has stated that he regards hair transplantation as both an art and science. His mastery of the FUE and BHT techniques is unquestioned. He is supported by a team of qualified nurses, playing a vital role when it comes to the technical aspects of the operation. When we checked, he is an active member of two credible organisations, the ISHRS and the IAHRS. 17 years of experience in the hair transplant industry further reinforce his credentials to this review.

AHD Hair Transplant Clinic - Incorporating Advanced Techniques

Advancement in technology impacts on the way we carry out our activities, and we found at AHD hair transplant clinic, the same case applies. The modern tools and methods complement the high hygiene standards that can be seen at the facility. A case in point is the CHOI Implanted Pen into which the hair transplant doctor loads the follicle units.

The CHOI pen then places the grafts into the recipient area of the patient. An interesting fact emerged in our AHD Clinic review, Dr Hakan Doğanay carries out this procedure himself! He believes that the CHOI Implanter has several advantages, in that It reduces the potential of mishandling or damage to the grafts during placement. Another benefit Dr Doğanay comments on, is that by using the CHOI Pen, he sees an optimal growth yield of about 80% to 95% with his patients. Besides, using single hair follicle units, it creates a natural-looking hairline. The doctor believes in the right hands; this tool can do a good job.

Our review also found auxiliary services at the clinic are also on offer. AHD Clinic aims to provide an enjoyable stay for its patients. To this end, hair transplant prices are inclusive of transport costs. Movement is thus trouble-free from the airport to the clinic and an approved hotel of your choice. They also provide food when taking breaks during the procedure. After-care medicine is also part of the package. We found no problem we language as a personal assistant and translator were available—the translator assists in communication during consultation and operation. Payment through a debit or credit card is also an option. Various reviews took note of the technical hitches of this payment method for some reason we suggest considering to pay using cash.

FAQs At Armamed Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplants available include body hair transplant, beard/moustache transplant and eyebrow transplant. Beard transplantation uses the FUE extraction method. But the process is a bit different from scalp extraction. Eyebrow restoration is a more delicate process due to the eyebrow’s facial visibility. This technique also uses the CHOI Implanter Pen. The number of grafts varies between men and women, with men having a higher graft count. Body hair transplants can also be an alternative method in filling hairless regions.

Hair transplants are delicate and complex procedures with many variants. As such, there is a significant implication on the costs. Hair transplant prices differ from one patient to another. This is due to the patient’s needs and goals, the hair transplant technique and the hair transplants surgeon’s skill level. Many of the hair transplants cost €2.5 per graft. If you want the clinic to rectify a poor hair transplant, you will have to part at least €500.

Narcotic ether numbs and cools the head first, with the skin becoming less sensitive, which then permits the administration of local anaesthesia. You will, at first, feel a slight pinch of pain. Effects of the local anaesthesia last for about 12 to 14 hours. Depending on the number of grafts, the procedure at the clinic takes about 4 to 7 hours.

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