ASMED Hair Transplant Center Review

The hair transplant clinic promising the best results

Asmed Hair Transplant Clinic Review Summary

  • The year of establishment: 2001
  • Location: Atatürk Mahallesi, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Methods used for hair transplantation: FUE/PRP
  • Practitioner: Dr. Karay Erdogan and his team
  • Type: individual hair transplantation clinic
  • Certificates: no current information available
  • Treatments per year: no information available
  • Prices: starting from 2.70 USD per graft
  • Maximum amount of transplanted grafts: 3000/session
  • Financing options: no financing options available
  • Package prices: no information available
  • Warranty: final results after second surgery
  • Available languages: free native speaking advisor provided
  • Before the procedure: initial consultation
  • Other services: free native speaking advisor
  • Support after operation: after-care kit included
  • Contact: phone support for several countries
Asmed review

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ASMED Review - What We Found

Let us guess – you are in search of ASMED reviews, because you are thinking of a hair transplant in Turkey? Allow us to help you out! Here you can read a reliable overlook and browse real reviews by real people.

This way you can find all the information you need regarding hair transplantation with ASMED Hair Transplantation Clinic. If you are wondering, what methods does ASMED hair transplantation clinic use or what is the cost of hair transplantation with ASMED Hair Transplantation Clinic in Istanbul, you will find answers to all of your questions shortly.

Why choose ASMED Hair Transplant Center?

When choosing a hair transplantation clinic that suits you, the first question you need to ask yourself is obvious: why am I choosing this clinic? This is something our ASMED review also wants the answer to.  Along with – is ASMED Hair Transplant Turkey something that matches your expectation on what your hair transplantation in Turkey should be like? 
Are you willing to travel to sunny and beautiful Istanbul to have your hair transplantation done? Then ASMED Hair Transplantation Clinic may just be what you need for a nice holiday-like hair transplantation experience for a great price.
Want a cheaper hair transplant  than you can find in Europe, but the best possible results? ASMED Hair Transplantation Clinic offers to give you just that. Did you know, that traveling abroad for your hair transplantation might save you up to 70 % in cost? That is a massive save and possibly adds up to several thousands of dollars or even more. Even if you are hesitant about travelling abroad, this might still be an option worth considering.

Hair Transplantation Clinic With A Professional Surgeon

Our ASMED review found that Dr Koray Erdogan is one of the most popular searches related to hair transplantation.  This came as no surprise, since Dr Koray Erdogan’s work is known all around the world. This surgeon has been getting praised for his detailed attention in surgery plus his  high-class finishing. These  together create results that should be able to meet any expectations.

If you are looking for great results in searching for competitive prices, ASMED hair transplant is probably a safe bet to choose for your hair transplantation. ASMED hair transplant reviews speak for themselves – most of them mention professional staff and excellent results. In general, it’s good to read hair transplantation reviews on any clinic that attracts your attention as real customers  can give an insider view of the whole process.

Asmed review

FAQ - The Questions Asked By The Asmed Review Team

It is natural to always opt for the best possible price – with Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic you can always count on receiving the best possible deal on your hair transplant which can mean saving up to 70% on what you could expect to pay anywhere in Europe.

Asmed Hair Transplantation with FUE-method is priced at 2.50€ per graft.

If you thought you would be able to see the very final results right after the hair transplantation procedure, you aren’t quite right. It’s a process, that can take months.

Our clinic review found the clinic favours doing a second implant a few months after the first, to fill the gaps! Opinions seem to be undecided about doing this but we could not find any complaints relating to doing this. 

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