Beautiful hair inspires confidence in a person, especially if it has that healthy and natural look. Almost everyone admires and desires healthy hair but aren’t aware of how exactly it comes to be. Don’t worry, by understanding how hair grows through the hair cycle; you will be one step ahead of the rest. Achieving fantastic hair isn’t wonder at all, but an amazing hair growth journey.

The Phases of The Hair Cycle

The hair cycle begins right at the bulb where cells actively divide to create a hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is created, the first phase of the cycle starts. This phase is the ‘active growth’ otherwise known as the Anagen phase. The cells at the root of the follicle multiply, pushing the hair follicle to half an inch every month. Active growth goes on for 2 – 7 years and the hair follicle grows to about 18-30 inches. The differences in time and length are due to factors such as nutrition, genetics and age. After the Anagen phase, the hair follicle proceeds to the Catagen phase. It is the ‘transition phase’ where the hair detaches itself from the blood supply stopping its growth. The phase takes no more than 21 days.

The cycle finally ends at the Telegon phase. This last phase, known as the ‘resting phase’ provides a 3 months inactivity period for the hair follicle. This time allows for a new hair follicle to begin its journey before the already grown hair falls off. The process is never-ending, and each hair follicle has its own unique cycle. If this wasn’t the case, instances of baldness would be inevitable. Next time you see a patch of hair at the shower drain or on your comb don’t panic. It is your hair cycle taking its natural course. Everyday 80-100 strands of hair shed if you think your loss is higher than that, or what is normal for you, seek a hair assessment to get an accurate assessment of what is happening.

How to Boost Your Hair Cycle

Now you see it, right? Getting that healthy hair isn’t a complicated matrix puzzle but a simple hair cycle that can work for you. Consider your hair as any other vital part of your body and nourish it. Having a balanced diet with the right amount of vitamins and proteins is a good start. Vitamins A and C especially; these you can get from broccoli and spinach, for instance. Foods such as salmon, eggs, dairy, avocados and bananas will give you the protein you need. Drinking plenty of water will also keep you hydrated and help in your hair growth.

Stress is a big inhibitor of the hair growth cycle and can actually lead to hair loss. It is so important that you reduce your stress levels as much as possible. Some of the activities you can engage in to clear your mind include meditation and exercises. Lastly, using the right hair treatment such as coconut oil will also nourish the hair follicles and stimulate growth.

Understand Your Hair Cycle – Know Your Hair

Learning about your hair cycle makes attaining your desired hair goals a reality. The only thing to be cautious of is if the normal hair loss exceeds. Even if that happens, you can reach out, and we can get you a hair assessment done to calm your worries and advise of the options you have to protect, stimulate or create a healthy looking hair.