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All Clinic Antalya Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 91 reviews)
Very good5%

Was well cared for by the whole team at…

Rated 5 out of 5
September 10, 2023

Was well cared for by the whole team at clinic Antalya. Nothing was too much trouble and I felt valued by each of them.

Nice and professional service

Rated 5 out of 5
September 10, 2023

Nice and professional service. Everything like agreed. We also get additional free advice to son which one had otitis externa. I had steamcell treatment for my hair. Treatment was smooth but typicall time for getting results is about 3 months. I am full of hope that results will be good enough but till now it is to early to say that (i will do update later). Recommend!

Great communication all through the…

Rated 5 out of 5
September 9, 2023

Great communication all through the whole start to finish , lots of information, no waiting times

Don’t normally write reviews but this…

Rated 5 out of 5
August 29, 2023

Don’t normally write reviews but this was such a big thing to have done and I feel I need to leave one , I am from uk and travelled to clinic Antalya in November 2022 for gastric sleeve surgery, arranging this was very straightforward and the advice given was brilliant, I was met at the airport in turkey by my driver which was arranged by the clinic after a short ride I arrived at the clinic and from the first person I met it was clear I had made a good choice, I was shown to my room which was very nice and felt almost like a hotel and very clean , the surgeon had stayed late at the clinic that night so he could meet me which was very professional of him and he was a very nice guy who put me at ease straight away, after having various tests done the next day I was prepared for my surgery and went down in the late morning, again very straightforward and professional, I woke up back in my room some time later and all had gone well , yes I was in some pain but that was to be expected after such a big procedure but the nursing staff where excellent and so lovely and encouraging checking on me and giving me pain relief when I asked , the next day I was up and about and with the nursing staffs and the surgeons encouragement I was soon walking up and down the corridor which is the best thing you can do even if you don’t feel like doing it , it makes a huge difference to recovery , the surgeon visited often to see how I was and before I knew it I felt good enough to leave and I was taken to my hotel and before going to my room I was sat down for a debriefing by jolanda giving me all the information I needed and a lovely gift pack containing everything I needed and more and felt at ease knowing that I could contact them with any questions I had , my hotel room was great and it felt really good to be there and settled and just relaxed on the balcony with beautiful views, I felt so good I even went for a walk around the local area and stopped by a barbers to get a shave , I was told to have some soup which the hotel provide but to be honest I did not feel like it but on the last day of my stay I tried it and thought I should have had some sooner as it was very nice and just what you need , I had my final visit with my surgeon the day before I left and was picked up at the hotel, I also had a meeting with the dietitian who explained everything to the point I had no questions because she had gone through everything with me , the surgeon was happy that I was fit enough to go home and I could not thank him enough, I even chose to walk back to my hotel from the surgeons office because it was a lovely day and I felt fit enough to do so and even stopped to do some shopping on the way back to get my kids something to give them when I returned, my transport arrived the next day and I made my way home , I certainly did not feel like I had had a big operation a few days before and managed the flight perfectly, it’s been 9 months now and I have lost 7stone in weight, I haven’t missed the way I had food before because that is what put me in such a unhealthy position, I have stuck to everything the clinic told and advices me to and the have kept in contact throughout requesting blood tests to see how my body is getting on , I have been very impressed with clinic Antalya and it was a perfect choice and would highly recommended it to anyone who asks , the cost is very good for everything they provide and I will definitely be returning once I get to my target weight to see about removing some excess skin which is a natural thing after such a big loss in weight, all in all if you are considering surgery get in touch with clinic Antalya you will not regret it .

Best team in Turkey!! No regrets

Rated 5 out of 5
August 26, 2023

I got gastric sleeve nearly 7 months ago by DR.Namik and I couldn’t be happier. The whole process from start to finish was very professional, the team are so welcoming and made me feel at ease. All questions were answered and they were available 24/7 if needed. DR Namik is the loveliest man and was amazing at ensure my care was his main priority.

Hands down best in the business

Rated 5 out of 5
August 23, 2023

On the Feb 24th 2023, I booked my self in for a gastric sleeve and clinic Antalya were outstanding, before care and after care is outstanding, great team and top surgery that talks to you at a normal level and makes it very clear what is going with the surgery, The full journey start to finish was amazing, the cleanest hospital I been in hands done and great hotel experience after the surgery, I would recommend clinic Antalya to very one

Magenverkleinerung in der Klinik Antalya

Rated 5 out of 5
August 22, 2023

Ich war auf der Suche nach einer erfahrenen Klinik für eine Magenverkleinerung. Durch Empfehlung einer Bekannten bin ich auf die Klinik Antalya gestoßen. Hier war das Angebot transparent und professionell. Man wurde perfekt beraten, ausgiebig untersucht und über die Vor und Nachteile aufgeklärt. Von der An bis zur Abreise wurde alles durch das Team organisiert. Die Operation verlief perfekt, der Professor war täglich zur Kontrolle anwesend. Ich kann nur positives sagen und würde jederzeit wieder diesen Schritt gehen. Die Pfunde purzeln und es ist ein nicht gekanntes Lebensgefühl. Danke an das gesamte Team der Klinik Antalya .

An outstanding experience at Clinic Antalya

Rated 5 out of 5
August 22, 2023

I am currently 2 weeks post OP and I deliberately waited writing this review so I would be able to give the most honest review of my experience with Clinic Antalya.

Safe secure honest reliable hospital

Rated 5 out of 5
August 13, 2023

I had my surgery in May and could not have had a better experience the team made me feel safe confidence and my companion also comfortable and looked after it was a family type environment and surgery pre tests were so through and even picked up things my doctors in England had missed the surgery went smoothly I was informed and coached throught he whole thing and my after care and reviews were outstanding the clinic it’s self was clean comfortable safe and secure and I have never had such amazing care I’m now back in the uk 3 months post op and am 6 stone down never I. My life have I been as happy and I have dr namik, Alexandra and te whole team to thank. The after care now I’m back in the uk is fabulous and i speak to Alexsandra regularly and they are always checking on my progress I cannot wait to return to have my breast and tummy tuck which I even get a discount on due to having my sleeve surgery with clinic Antalya Honestley amazing service amazing price and amazing staff!

Truly professional and very caring

Rated 5 out of 5
August 9, 2023

I am a week post op from having gastric sleeve surgery with Dr Namik Yilmaz and what an amazing experience I had. I booked and went with the attitude of “if it doesn’t feel right I don’t have to do it” and not once did I feel unsafe, unsure or in anything other than experienced, knowledgeable hands. Aleksandra, Nusret and Jolanda (the coordinators) were all lovely and supportive. All the Drs and specialists I met were extremely friendly and kind and they constantly put me at ease. The nurses were so nice, although there was a language barrier we all managed with Google translate when needed. I never once sat in pain for longer than 10mins after I’d asked for help. The ward cleaning staff were very friendly also. I wish I would’ve remembered to take some sweets or biscuits to leave for the ward staff as I was so grateful for their thorough care.

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